Reminiscing Jungle Moments🌴 with mighty Ayahuasca 🍃🎆🌿 - The Preparation and Some Thoughts 💥 - Part 2

6 months ago

Good Evening Smokesters, how are you doing this lovely evening?

Finally I got some alone time, My partner and the baby went to a family dinner at her parent house, all her sisters are coming with the babies so there will be lots of noise and for me that is a bit too much and I prefered to stay at home and have a quiet evening with my Sativa Dominant nuggets - “Midnight”.

That will also give me an opportunity to finish the second part of the post about one of the most magical brews known to mankind.

So In my previous post I have started to share about my experience with Ayahuasca.

So it all started about 8 years ago, on my first visit to Brazil, that was the time in my life when I was completely free of any obligations, I was traveling the world...anything was possible...but I was quite confused, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, I was just released from a mandatory 3 year military service and was confused, and angry and frustrated, but most of all I was thirsty, I was searching...for adventures, for experiences, for meaning in life…

I heard about Ayahuasca way before coming to Brazil, but it was always this exotic, unreachable thing for me, I never imagined I will end up being part of a community that Ayahuasca is part of their lifestyle, part of their ongoing connection to it, to experiencing the world through the lenses Ayahuasca provides you, it's not like you could hop on a flight to Brazil or Peru and get a whole tour package..

The story of how I actually came to meet this community is too long to share in this post, so I will skip this part...but I do want to put things in perspective.

I am not talking about some kind of Shamanic community in the middle of the Amazon forest, nor am I talking about some kind of a hippie community with alternative people trying to find a meaning in life…

I am talking about regular people, some were smart, some were a bit less, there were lawyers, business man, even a judge...there were rich people and there were poor ones, black and white, funny and smiling and serious, there were Christians, and Buddhists, and even people who didn't hold up to any specific religion...there were all kinds of people...and the only thing that were common to them all, is their connection to Ayahuasca, or if you ask them, to a very powerful being, a healer, that can connect with us directly after we consume this tea.

There is a lot of legends around this brew, about the powers hidden within it, its history is vague at best, and each one has a slightly different interpretation to what it really is.

This community meets up often a few times a week, they dance, they sing, they meditate...they utilize Ayahuasca to find answers to their most inner questions…
They also grow the plants on the premises and have bi-annual expeditions deep inside the Amazon forest to pick up those plants (there is quite a bit of difference as you will see).

Perhaps I needed to mention it before, but it is important to say that Ayahuasca is legal in Brazil, it has this protection under the claim that its part of the indigenous religious practice and if it does not hurt anybody, it should therefore be legal...the authorities made all possible attempts to make it illegal, it had to go through many tests to be proven that it can't hurt anyone, and that it is safe to use.

So today it has this protected status, where it is 100% legal, but must be practiced in a “religious” environment, meaning that the place of practice has to be sort of a church...but as you will ask any of the participants...there are no gods, no masters, no guru’s...there is only Aya (soul).

So let's start with how is one of the strongest hallucinogens in the world are actually made:

I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos, it just you must understand that they have been taking on one of those preparation days, and there is a certain rule, that when you prepare or harvest Ayahuasca, you must be in the influence of Ayahuasca.
So we lucky we have those photos at all :))

So as I mentioned in the previous post, the brew has only 2 ingredients: Chacruna leaves and the Liana bark (Psychotria viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi).

At this image you can see the amazing difference of the Liana they been growing in the premises of the commune, and the giant, elephant trunk size wines that been harvested deep inside the Amazon...its simply mind-blowing what this forest can produce.

So the bark is being shredded through this mechanical machine to make it easier to handle and of course to be able to properly cook it.

The Chacruna leaves are being picked one by one by a bunch of tripping humans - and trust me this is not an easy job to do, you tripping your nuts off, the whole universe is jumping within your mind, and you suppose to pick leaves from a me thats harder then its sounds…
Thank god there are hammocks all around the place, so when it all becomes a bit much you just lay down and find your balance.

Those leaves are then soaked with water inside those giant pots.

And then both the ingredients are being mixed, while the ratio varies from one batch to another, there is way more Liana there then Chacruna.

This preparation ceremony (and ohh yeah there is a whole ceremony) usually take place a couple times a year, so each batch usually has quite a few of those giant pots…

While this whole process is happening there a fire being prepared, in this special ovens that are suitable for one thing and one thing only, cook Ayahuasca.

After soaking for a few hours the mixture is then being put on the fire and the cooking process begins.

Now there are no specific rulers regarding how long it needs to be cooked...there have been times when the whole process took only a few hours, and there were times when it took over 48 hours...Its all depends on the message that the brewers get while cooking it...yeah sounds a bit strange right?

While its being cooked, everybody just plays music, sing, dance, meditate's quite beautiful to see.

But there are so many strange things about Ayahuasca….

It is one of the few known substances that can make a few people share the same vision, it can make a whole bunch of people share the same vision...think about that for a second...when you take LSD or mushrooms, or almost any other entheogen, you are on your might have people around you tripping as well, but there is usualy no connection between those trips, there is no shared visions, there is only you and your mind…

But people taking Ayahuasca often experience the same messages, often see the same manifestations…

Only later I understood why the whole place was covered with images of religious symbols, although they were keep saying that there is no religion here. There was Jesus and there was Buddha and there was even's all a symbol for them, and often when the majority of the participants are for example Christians, they manifest certain energies in the form that they can a message of healing can manifest as St’ Thomas, or as Dhanvantari or even as the color all depends on the capacity of the people to receive those messages and understand them, and it's easier done with entities that you are familiar with…but its all jut symbols, energies, messages...information...

Another interesting fact is that compared to other substances, that require you to take more and more of it to feel the high, with Ayahuasca you need to take less and less every time, it's like the mind already know how to unlock those doors, it just need a little push.

And the fact that we have receptors in our brain perfectly suitable for accepting the DMT molecules, and that we actually produce a certain amount of it in our brain….

Or even better, there are studies that show that there are 2 times in our lives where DMT is released in high amounts to our brain...I let you guess for a second…Birth and Death...and in smaller amounts when we dream…

I guess there is something about this substance, and the fact that its alkaloid is contained in many different plants around the world, and the fact that is usually locked for us due to some enzymes that prevent us from absorbing it...

I must say that there is so much more I can tell about this tea, this life changing brew…

I had so many amazing experiences with helped me sort out my confusion, find answers i have been seeking for a long time, help me find my way in life…

But I can’t say it was all roses, as Ayahuasca can be brutal at times, with lots of puking and toilet time involved...but it is beyond least in my is impossible to fully pass the experience it makes you go through...but trust me..

You come out different on the other side…

I want to take that chance and say again , that I don't encourage any irresponsible use of such substances, it is not a should be treated with respect.

So time for me to roll something to smoke, publish this post and enjoy the rest of my free evening…


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"Once you go inside and weed through the muck, you will find the real beauty, the truth about yourself."

Lindsay Wagner

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Yes, great post. Must have taken some time.

Don't bring any of that to Mordor, you'll have the hobbits all messed up! LOL


Yeah tool way mode time then initially planned :))
Thats what happens when you start writing posts while drinking whiskey and smoking some strong indica :))

No worries not gonna get our hobbits tripping, not untill we get the job done, and there is canna-peace on earth!

After that...cant promise you anything...buahahaha

Keep up the great original content man, I'll keep smashing them upsmoke/resmoke buttons 👌


Thank you my friend, your upsmashing is no doubt a great encouragment, though i must admit the actuall expression is often a reward on its own...there is something calming about writing, about sharing...i
guess thats why facebook (and other platforms) are so successfull :)

Anyhow, i am glad that you find the content interesting!
Thanks a lot for your support, it is really appreciated!

Sharing the same trip ! wow.... great mega-post .....


Yeah, didnt even notice that it became this "mega-post" while writing it... only after publishing it i noticed that it is probably way to long for anybody that was born in the past 70 years, to actually read, but never know ;)

Thanks for stopping by.


Ok,well i found it interesting,patrly as i know someone in that scene.

Sweet telling of the tale around the trip without going into the trip - for how can you describe the indescribable - unless there's a part 3!?