Reminiscing Jungle Moments🌴 with mighty Ayahuasca 🍃🎆🌿 - Nothing Stays the Same 💥 - Part 1

7 months ago

Hello everybody, how you been doing today,

Been reading an interesting article today about this new kind of tourism that developed in Brazil, Peru and some other countries around the Amazon Forest.

The Ayahuasca Tourism :

"The Perils and Privileges of an Amazonian Hallucinogen.
Tourism based on consumption of the plant brew known as Ayahuasca is booming, for better and for worse."

Its amazing how the internet and the connectivity of the world, can shape a thousands year old, traditional practice into something way different in a matter of few years.

A ritual or actually sort of a potion that used to be almost unknown to outsiders, although not forbidden by no way, you usually wouldn't see that many new faces out there in the middle of the jungle on in the other locations where Ayahuasca ceremonies were held.

You wouldn't meet people that are there "just because their friend told them that it is an awesome experience" , or people who read a nice article about it and think they want to experience what the writer had experienced, or even worst, people who are just there because they hear its one of the strongest hallucinogens in the world…
There were usually some kind of calling, a certain synchronicity of events that led those people there, there were a readiness, openness for changing your mind…

Now there are lodges, and hotels, and business cards, and shamans for hire, and a 100$ ticket price for a cup….now there are a whole tour packages that probably include a flight, a 3 star hotel, taxi to the Amazon forest, 2 cups of Ayahuasca brew, a bunch of bananas and a user friendly APP to stream the whole thing live for extra points.

But before we dive in...gotta make something to smoke.

For this memory lane nothing suits better then a 80% dominant indica.

Amazing how fast things change.

It was a whole different experience for me…

So for those of you that are not familiar with Ayahuasca, its an ancient brew, that consists of two plants, that together combine into one of the most powerful hallucinogens in the world.
It has been used (and still being used) in several ancient and more modern civilizations or shall we say cultures around the Amazon forest for Shamanic rituals.

There are many amazing almost magical things about this mixture.

It often boggles my mind with many things, like how certain things were discovered, how certain things were tried or prepared together for the first time...but in this case it is especially interesting.

The "classic" Ayahuasca brew usually consists of two ingredients that have many names depends on the geographical location. but lets called them by the names i first heard about them, the Chacruna leafs and the Liana bark…or in their scientific names : Psychotria viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi.

The Chacruna is the one that contains DMT, while it is a very strong substance on its own, when it is ingested separately either by smoking or if you crazy enough then intravenously its affect only lasts for up to a few minutes.

The reason for that is because we have a certain enzyme in our stomach called Monoamine Oxidase or MAO in short, this enzyme quickly reacts to the DMT and breaks it down very fast, and therefore shortening and reducing the potency of the DMT.

It basically prevents its absorption by the stomach…

So you can pretty much chew up on those DMT vines and go on with your business...and actually many animals in the Amazon do just that.

But when you combine it with the other plant, that actually has nothing that special about it except the fact that it has a certain alkaloids that act as MAOIs or Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors - yep our friend from before….

Meaning that those alkaloid pretty much cancel our bodies "protection" or shall we call it a barrier, that prevents it from fully absorbing the DMT, unlocking that potentially life changing doors in our brain, that the human concious seldom opens.

Although those plants are growing in the same forest, but the Amazon forest has approximately 40000 other plant species alone growing in the same what makes that first dude decide to mix exactly those 2, or did he mixed and tried out all the possible combinations in those 40000 species to see which one makes his brain go kuku?!
There must have been lots of dudes then….

Those kind of things challenge my rational mind.

So what do I personally have with Ayahuasca...well that is a long story of its own …

Its been a few years since the last time drank it.

But i still have a very special connection to this amazing tool, or spirit, or a door..whatever one chooses to call it, it is amazing nevertheless.

Perhaps its a good place to say that I don't encourage anybody to take any substances, for sure not psychedelic ones, and even more so such strong ones as Ayahuasca, if you not 100% sure you ready for that, that you know that your mind can handle it, and when you are truly open to the experience, in any case everything is subjective, and such powerful ancient stuff should be treated with the up most respect.

I have drank this tea for probably over 30 times, I helped harvest it and prepare it, I danced, sang and meditated with it, I feel I have a connection to affected my life in some profound ways, and yet I still have so much reverence and respect for this magic potion and will never consume it as if it was something cool to do.

This post turned out to be a bit longer then I expected, so i will split it into 2 parts.

In the second part I will share some photos from my previous visit to Brazil, the preparation methods of Ayahuasca, how it done? Why is done? How is it a looks like, and what's its all about.

Just to keep this post a bit more on the weed topic...While i was writing it, I was smoking this weed :))

Stay tuned..

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"Ayahuasca is a symbiotic ally of the human species."

Dennis McKenna

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Hi, interesting article. I first heard about this potion, it sounds very exciting.


Thank you Ser, it is a very interesting potion indeed!
I would dare to say, it is one of the most interesting ones known to man kind.

I will be sharing the preparation process in the next post, together with some thoughts and interesring discoveries about this brew.

Stay tuned .... ;)

Hey friend, I am an experience psychonaut of ayahuasca and DMT. I want to share with you my experiences and discoverment. Do you have taken DMT smoked?


Please share my friend!

Yes i have some experience with DMT, both with smoking just DMT and smoking Changa , the later actually containing the same ingredients as ayahuasca, but not coocked.

But i gotta admit, its not even remotly close to true Ayauhasca, it last much shorter period of time...

Nevertheless it is amazing, and in my opinion should be sold at pharmacies as a dietary supplement, that people should take when feeling a bit overwhelmed by life...

Beats all those anti-depresants that half of the world consuming, imo.

But ayahuasca is a bit more intense as you might agree...its not a "party" drug, that unfortunaly Changa or various plants containing DMT fastly becoming...