Nesting Instinct is Kickin' in - Getting ready for the Baby 👶, I need a Smoke! 🌿

7 months ago

Whatsup stoners how you all doing this lovely Saturday?

I hope you all got a chance to chill out, smoke some potent stuff and enjoy your time.

My chilling time today involved quite a bit of non-chilling, caring, lifting, cleaning...but it also had some smoking :)

The nesting instinct has officially kicked in!

So we have about 3 weeks before the baby is due to arrive, its sounds like plenty of time to get your sbit together, but you cant never know with this stuff, and my partner already started to feel some changes and the baby might be coming faster then we think….

And us both being self employed (she is still working like crazy, going to meetings and what 9 month pregnancy) things that ate not of immediate nature tend to be put aside until they are very urgent...there is simply not enough time.

So we been postponing almost any preparation for the new baby…what it really means besides preparing a bag for the hospital, is that we need to prepare the transition of the "older" baby to her new room, prepare her to be a big sister…

So today we decided (it was kinda decided for me, but lets roll with it ;)) that it was time to finally do something about it.

We were invited to my partners parents house to have a brunch and then they will take the girl to see some horses, giving us some free time to arrange our home.

But there is still time for that, i yet have about an hour of relaxing.

So I might as well enjoy it with a nice view, a cold Mexican beer and some strong Sativa to boost my morale for all the heavy lifting and sweating that i will be doing ;)

So after a long day of moving things around, hanging stuff on the walls, lifting, and picking stuff from up above the closets...the progress was finally sufficient enough for the nesting mother…

Still plenty to do, but at least the room that used to be a temporary storage (we still haven't finished unpacking all the stuff since we moved in a few month ago..:)) into a babies room, still quite a bit decoration to do, but i will leave that's beyond my capacity in this world.

So I could finally commence to my relaxed Saturday.

Prepared some nice fresh carrot juice, a new batch of some nuggets, and i am good to go.

How you been spending your Saturday guys and galls?

See ya next time.


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Lol, you' re as busy as you are these days because of the baby arrival... All things will go smoothly more than you think .. and my best wishes to you and your family!


Honestly the baby arrival is actually taking the least amount of my time.
It so different from the first pregnancy...when we were running like crazy making sure everything is perfect, playing Mozart music to the belly, feeling the little kicks like it was a miracle of creation...on the second like "ohh she is kicking...thats nice...hey little one we are waiting for you..."...and back to doing the thousand things that needs to be done.

My main time consumer is my business, work is so integrated with my life that its is often hard to tell the difference, and being aware to that, can be frustrating at times, but hey nobody said life is easy :)


Hey... you´re lucky to be working with your time especially you are near your family... Others have to work somewhere 9-5. I´ve been there working for huge (american) corporations, much office stress, more overtime, business travels (which I never liked, but unavoidable). What I did during those time was to stick to my time management, i.e. have had marathon cooking for 4 or 5 menu on a weekend , freeze the cooked food... attend to household chores, etc, then relax on a Sunday... Perhaps you have to program your time and stick to your timetable and only make exemptions when you need to go for an errand, then ... I´m sure it´s gonna be fine when your baby arrives and enjoy your cutie!


You are absolutely right, my time management is definitely lacking, been trying to work on it for a while...always feels like i am all over the place, and recently it is even getting worse (although better in some ways).

I guess it all starts with the turbulence in my head...its sort of an egg chicken situation...

But as life moves on, as new life chapters unfold, it all becomes clearer, I know it all going to be all right.

You right about spending the time with the little ones, its is extremely important for me, and i am thankful everyday that my life allows me to do so very often, I have no plans on changing that...I will change my business before i will do that.

Yeah you are right, working 9-5, standing and hour or two in traffic, corporate rules...thats way tougher, at least on the mental side, imo...been there for quite a while, no more...


Glad I am through with all those corporate thingy. I might be the oldest retired user here, but I am just relaxing everyday, see my weed plants how they are doing..

It´s my first time actually to be planting that many (3 clones, 6 from seeds). I once planted my very first cannabis out of sheer experiment, got some seeds when we first visited Amsterdam sometime in late 80s. Then we went to Africa as expats, lost tracks of my seeds.... I´m telling you, it was so easy to buy weeds in Nigeria.... the strains were so potent that they could blow your mind and sometimes have bad trips...

I can sense that you and your family are still young... Make the most of your time with them. You`ll surely have fond memories and you´ll be glad you have those to look back at. Anxious to hear the good news when your baby arrives, you should celebrate by then. Cheers!


Ohh sorry, missed your comment...

You might me be the oldest user here, but you are no doubt young at heart and thats what matter the most!

And I am sure that retiring from the corporate world helped you with that :)

Yeah we are a young family, although I am not in my twenties, if everything goes smoothly I still have a few years ahead of me for sure...
I am doing my best to spend as much as i can with the family, share as many amazing moments as possible...even though life often get on the way.
It is extremely important for me as personally I as lacking that attention growing up, especially from my father, you know trying to avoid karmatic mistakes...

Thanks for the comment, your kind words are much appreciated! will make sure to update once the new one pops out :)

Cheers, and keep up with that growing, your thumb is Green as a Bush :)

Nice view bro, I'm jealous! I get to look at my neighbor's wooden fence at ground level. LOL


Unfortunately this is not my view, I was visiting my partners parents house, they live on the 16'th floor so yeah the view is nice..

For me I get to see my neighbor's stone fence :), though I have some other benefits there so its all good! P)

I've been chilling since getting back home, got a new phone so been migrating over to it and getting around to the last couple days of curation. Some good looking ganj mate, nice one 👍


Enjoy the new phone my friend, its always great to suddenly get those apps opening tice as fast ;), the migration though...a pain in the ass, i had t do it a few month ago....still trying to figure out how to move some of the stuff from the old google authenticator keys hmmm )

Thanks for stopping buy!
Been a while since your last update on, how is it going ?


Yeah that's me fully migrated, passed on my old phone to a friend for free and loving this new phone now haha

Took me a bit to get the 2fa apps like you said over to the new phone.

The smoke indicia site should be slightly updated in terms of posts, try ctrl+f5. In terms of updates to the tech yeah I need to focus on some new changes, I'll look into them in the next few days.


Happy to hear that! the 2fa are a pain!

Looking forward for the updates , perhaps you can make your own smoke sub-token ;)

Very nice!!!


Thank you dear Dabby!

That was awesome heckbya


Thanks alot

You must be so excited for the new baby.