My Hash-pitalization 🏥 A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 3

6 months ago

Hello again dear friends,

Its been a few days since my last post, seems that my time is dwindling by the second.

Note to self: 2 Kids consume way more time then just 1 :)

Its like two horses running together will run faster then the sum of those two horses separatly :)

But I am trying to write a bit every time i get a spare minute.

So back to the final chapter about Parvati Valley, if you missed the first to parts you can find them here:

A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 1

WTF is Charas?! ⚫️ A short visit to Parvati valley ☀️🌳 - the land of freedom, mountains and the holy Charas ⚫️⚫️⚫️ Part 2

The final part will be about my last visit to Parvati Valley with my is a trip that i will never forget...

So we been having a vacation with my partner and we were planning to cruise around India for a month and a half and had quite a few spots we were planning to visit...Parvati valley being one of them…

It all started in New Delhi, as most trips to India usually do...

This crazy yet amazing city is no-doubt an experience on its own, but we came here to relax, not experience chaos in its prime.

So after a night there we moved on with our trip...

We were travelling around Rishikesh, a town located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, when we (and when i say ‘WE’ I actually mean ‘ME’, as my partner was quite against the idea) decided that it is a good idea to rent a broken scooter to cruise around on a rainy day, through a half paved forest, to go to some strange music festival...go figure….

There was music no doubt, but it was no festival…
Bottom line it was very boring…

So the moment the sun have risen we decided we will hit the road back..It was so boring that I could leave in the middle of the night, but due to tiger alerts in the area (no shit) we were advised to wait till the morning…

The morning came...and I could not wait to leave…

The moment we both climbed on the bike, it took perhaps 2 minutes of driving, when the old tire slipped on a muddy puddle, and we started to crash, as the weight of the whole bike and my partner fell down on my leg...breaking it in 4 places, popping out the main bone as if it was a chopstick.

I will skip the screaming part, or the process of getting to a small local hospital when i am lying down on the floor in the middle of a forest, when the closest one is about 2 hours of driving, on barely paved road, full of holes...or trying to explain the situation to doctors that don't speak a word in English, or how after the 8 hours surgery i ended up with a platinum stick in my leg and 8 screws (not gonna attach any images of that ;))

But we got there nevertheless...

My insurance offered to evacuate me and fly me back home to have the surgery there, but as i had 1 more month to travel (it was a long awaited trip :)) I decided to stay in India and have the surgery there.

It ended up being a great decision to make, for several reasons…

I had absolutely no worries about the qualifications of the doctors to treat my fractures...thousands of people are falling from bikes all over India every day, so the doctors should be quite proficient with that.

But the second reason is that the general vibe in that hospital was much more chill then a conventional western hospital, though the occomodations perhaps were a bit lacking ;)

Believe it or not, but my partner managed to convince the manager of the hospital, that smoking Charas is the only thing that helped me with the i got a special authorisation, never before heard of in the hospital, to roll and smoke my doobies without the need to get out of bed ;))

I am almost sure nobody smoked chillums in that hospital before :))

So thats for sure a nice way to pass the time while i cannot walk.

Just look at my bed sheets after couple days there...they filled with tiny little black balls stick to it...that Charas balls that i was making while lying on the bed ;)

I would love to see the faces of the staff that had to clean those sheets...that must have been hilarious...they could have rolled those up as they were and have a blast... :)

So after 2 weeks of lying in bed, full of pain medications, and about 30-40 grams of Charas, I was finally ready to be released.

They Cut down the plaster, gave me a pair of cratches and i was good to go...

I got a pair of crutches, a bag full of meds and was finally ready to proceed with our trip.

Although i was eager to go north straight away, I was still pumped with tons of morphene and other meds, so we decided to let me heal for a few more days in Rishikesh and only then go north.

I was still learning how to walk with a pair of sticks, but india leaves you no time to either learn fast or get run over by a Riksha :)

So we rented a nice room , and basically chilled out for couple days...

The showers were problematic ;), but other then that, i got used to working with one leg in no time

Ate lots of food, slept well...smoked hell a lot of Chillums and even had some monkey visitors to play around with....

After couple of days of resting I felt ready enough to go up north...

There are several ways to get to Parvati, most of them will require several stops.

A Train takes about 20 hours, a bus takes similar time….both of those options are not well suited for someone that can only stand on one leg.
So we decided to share a car, together with a nice fella from Sweden.

The ride was suppose to be about 4-5 hours, but due to a three of us getting a nasty stomach virus and puking the whole way on top of me screaming my head off, on every bumb or took us 13.5 hours of no stop driving with constant turns and brakes…

It felt like forever...lots of Chillum smoking during the eating at all...but eventually we made it.

The plan was to arrive to Kasol, it is a bit more touristic town in the Parvati Valley.

It has lots of guest-houses and restaurants that offer pretty much any kind of food you can imagine...even if its not on the menu.

But don't get me wrong...its not your regular kind of tourism...most of the people here came to this valley to enjoy good quality Charas, all the rest is usually just a bonus.
Just look at the floor of one of the little restaurants there...the whole floor is filled with Charas balls stick to it...i bet if you scrap it all you can have your self a nice ball.

This town would probably not be our first choice on a regular trip, as we usually prefer a bit less touristic places, but as I can barely walk this place can offer me a bit more of that much needed comfort.

And although it has many comforts (compared to other places) it still has lots of amazing nature to explore...

Not to mention the Fact that there is Weed Growing ablosutly everywhere...

Although The trip wasnt as we expected when we left, and that now I will forever have a metal from india stuck in my leg, but I gotta admit it was a crazy adventure i will never ever forget...

It brought me closer to this county that i love, it made the bond with my partner stronger and it made me understand that nothing will stop me from getting my hands on some quality smoke...not even a surgery :))

Hope you enjoyed this post as i enjoyed writing it...

See ya next time.

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You had a very exciting trip to India. Thank you for telling us about this, I hope metal detectors will not bother you)) Even though I was not in India, but Charas was trying, after everyday Euro and Morocco, I really wanted to sleep after three points of charas.


Yeah it was exciting indeed ;)

No the metal detectors are fine, no buzzing :))) just look like a bionic man on x-ray.

Yeah Charas is everywhere nowdays, globalisation you know...

For sure the high quantity of CBD in any hash will make you wanna sleep ;) Charas is no different...though it can also have very uplifting effect - i guess strain dependant...

Thanks for stopping by my friend!

wow... amazing man. I'm just speechless. What a great post. I'm so happy u got some help. Maybe I need to go to India to get help for my hip. geez. I'm sending good healing vibes <3 and yes... Wow the difference between 1 and 2 children are great. I remembered going grocery shopping was never the same. lololol


Thanks dear, always happy to get such compliments from dear Dabby ;))

Yeah I got alot of help right away...was actually very luck in that!
It was pretty much out in nowhere, but there where some hikers walking by when all this happened, they helped me out right away, put a stick to my leg and tied it up with some rope...they even had an extra strong splif for me for the pain, and even offered me to take some ketamine but that was way too much for me in that moment lol :))

I wouldnt go to india for Hip fixing, but i do think everybody must visit India at least once in their lifetime if they can afford is an amazing and very unique place...something changes in you after traveling there...

Yeah 2 toddlers make it a bit harder to find that "personal-time" ( time :)) - right after my dayjob i start my evening-shift and right after the night-shift begins :)

But they brings so much happiness, so much fulfillment and laughter that i wouldnt have it any other way.

Thanks for stopping by dear, always appreciated!

Wow! What an exciting adventure you had in India. Pretty interesting you've had such determination after your fall. Enjoyed this post and thanks for sharing it here.


Yeah retrospectivly it was quite memorable...and this little adventure of mine have provided me with a medical marijuana license so there is even more silver lining ;)

Thanks a lot i enjoyed sharing it!

Haven't started reading it yet - have been aware of the buildup and am kinda dreading what's to come. I'll read and finish this comment off after :)

Right, Uff, terrible accident and sight of major bone sticking out ......... [squeamish semi-faint upon imagining]

TERRIBLY impressed that you chose to stay on in India for surgery, not many would! Love that you found the vibe chilled, and clearly it was with you being allowed to smoke Charas in hospital.......too fucking good, and only in India eh?

Great piece my friend - once again, love your style, your spirit and optimism!!!!!!!!!!


So sorry i missed this comment, Afia was acting strange lately and wasnt giving me any notifications :(

Yeah it was a crazy experience for sure, the whole proccess of arriving to the hospital, and the surgery and everything after...was quite sureal.

I was watching my own surgery on a monitor, as apparently there were no full anesthesia in that hospital, and only a local one was available...

So i was awake during the whole time...watching a metal pole being slowly hammered into my leg, while the doctors joke around with the funny tourist :)

I was the only tourist hospitalized there for a i was the talk of the hospital ;) everybody wanted to have a turn to change the bandages of the tall blond guy :).

Just imagine a group of 12 people coming to examine me, just to see me laying on my bed smoking a chillum and listening to indian had to see the faces of the new guys....they were shocked, just to see the director of the hospital nodding their way, saying its all good...he is allowed ... :)

Man that is for sure only in india! ;)

So by the time i left there i was hugging and saying goodbuy to the whole hospital...felt a bit like a bolywood star.

So looking back it was a great idea to have it there...i got memories for the rest of my life :)


What an experience you had lol, so colourful!

As for watching your own surgery on a monitor, man, that's something else! I once had the bone on my little pinky pop out coz it got dislocated playing cricket - I caught a glimpse of it when the doc was cleaning it and almost passed out :) ... it's all healed and functional now. How's your mobility btw? Walking, cycling ok? Running?