Munchies Monday with ❄️ Alaska ❄️ and My Secret Lasagna Recipe :) 🍅🍝🍛

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Good night everybody,

I am writing late today, as I been out on various tasks all day and unfortunately didn't had much time in front of the computer.

But hey there is no reason why I can't share some late night nuggets and munchies moments instead :)

So coming home from work I have been met with a request, to prepare one of my signature dishes, my super lasagne.

I only get to make it once in a blue moon,as it takes forever to prepare, but hey i got a special 8'th pregnant craving, i might as well start chopping…

I am not going to show you every single step involved but it has 2 sauces (tomato and Alfredo), it has layers of eggplant and sweet potato, and 4 different cheeses.

And as I prepare all of the ingredients from scratch (no short cuts with pre-made sauces or anything), it usually takes well over an hour and a half to prepare.

So before I commence to such a brave act, I should prepare a few joints for the road.

I will be smoking a new strain i got a few days ago, its called Alaska and it should be very very strong.
It is a Sativa dominant strain, with thc levels reaching over 24%, I'll try to do a proper review later this week.

It is one of my favorite strains as it very uplifting and makes me have a very strong Munchies :))

And after i will prepare this giant Lasagne I will definitely need it.

Time to start the preparation…

First is the tomato sauce, as this one take the most time to prepare, i gotta chop the garlic, the tomatoes, some fresh basil and spices…its all about balancing the sugars within the tomato, cant be to sour nor too sweet…

Now its time for the Alfredo sauce.

Some more garlic, fresh mushrooms, white wine, muscat nut, pepper, salt...and of course fresh cream…

Now some Cheese and we about ready to layer it out...

IT's all about juicing properly each layer with the sauce, I like to use the eggplant with the tomato layer, and the sweet potatoes with the Alfredo sauce.

Each layer get a generous amount of sauce, vegetables and of course cheese...

Time to put it in the oven, it should take about 30 minutes on 180-200 degrees and we good to go, the guilty pleasure is ready ;))

Ok the lasagne is cooking, time to prepare something a bit healthier just to feel a little bit better with this #mondaymunchies.

A little salad, full of nice, fresh and healthy stuff…

Before I go eat like it is the last day on earth, and probably after that just lay down on my back as a penguin after a mating season (I am pretty sure they chill out after so much work), regretting the past 12 bites i have consumed (because in certain point it's not eating any more)...

I should probably prepare a few joints now...just in case it will be harder later :)

Take the dog for a walk and commence to my lasagne devouring - what can I say, I love lasagne :))

Thanks to @cryptosmokers and their contest for giving me the extra boost for actually getting my self to cook tonight, my Garfield spirit thanks you :)

My Final Product is ready :) See ya later guys... ;)

Its all steamy and ready to be eaten :))

Have a great night you all, I hope you had your self a great "Munchies Monday".


#nugporn #smoking #canna-curate #cryptosmokers #weed

"Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating."

Richard Neville – British writer

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Dude wow. That’s a different take on lasagna to me. It looks fantastic, almost as good as the Alaska you’re flaunting.


Thank you very much, yeah it was very tasty ( so humble :) )..
You are right, 9/10 times lasagna is made with meat and some bechamel sauce, but as i dont eat meat and not a big favor of bechamel sauce, I had to make my own version.

No meat...just some veggies and lots of loveeee :))

The Alaska is an awesome strain, has very uplifting, chilling effect...perfect for cooking while the munchies being worked up :)

Thanks for stopping by!

You might need to pack both for the final leg into Mordor! LOL Looks great:)


All my bags are packed, I am ready to go...I am smoking here outside The hobbits door... :))



Thanks dear!

Yeah Its so much nicer cooking the whole thing, I am not much into the "just add eggs" concept...if i am that lazy i might as well eat outside.

Ohh and I did sent an invite to you, my mail pigeon must have lost its way...

...sorry about that, next time i'll telegram you!

Mouth watering post, The feeling of cooking something with a joint is extraordinary :)


I saved a piece for you my friend, both from the lasagna and the joint ;)


Haha! I m sure someday..

Very impressive lasagna technique. The buds also look great. I guess the name came from the fact that you have to be very active in a place as cold as Alaska.


Thanks Man, yeah you have to be pretty active there, not to freeze your ass :)

You are welcome. That lasagna looks so very much delicious.


Thanks, I guess it was quite good, I got lots of compliments for it :))

Awesome post! :)


Thank you very much my friend, your opinion is always appreciated!