Monday Munchies With 🍍 Pineapple Kush 🍍 and some Stoners Risotto 🍚 🍛

7 months ago

Hello Smokeioians, how are you all doing today?

I been busy most of the day, running around, working on my business, constantly in an attempt to catch up on the time, it often feels like its getting faster day by day...I hope that among all the million things i could be doing during my day, that I am doing the right ones, that my future me, will thank me for it… but I guess only time will tell, the all knowing bastard.

On top pf all this running, it has been over 35 Celsius for the past week again, with over 70% humidity….

This is brutal … feels like there is no oxygen in the air, and constantly getting in and out of air-conditioned rooms into the inferno makes everybody sick ..I don't like this time of the year in this part of the world...its great for going to the beach, but that's pretty much it.

So I decided to come back early today, smoke some nice Pineapple Kush that i got, and prepare us all some nice dinner.

The Pineapple Kush is a great smoke, always makes me happy and have a healthy munchies right after.

So its a perfect strain for my #munchiesmonday

So today I will be preparing one of my favourite dishes - Risotto.
Italian, was always a comfort food for me, and probably my favorite cuisine..
Though Indian is right there next to it.

For today's risotto I will be made with sweet potato, cauliflower and mushrooms and it will be based on root vegetable broth and final touch of cream and pesto sauce.

So after rolling myself a other joint I started to chop the sweet potato…

Then the cauliflower…

Then the mushrooms ..

It is important to prepare everything in advance when cooking risotto, as it s quite a hands on dish, as you must constantly be stirring it while cooking so it doesn't burn.

For the actual rice I will be using this Italian Baldo Rice…
It is not Arborio, but still considered a very fine rice, and thanks to its high starch content is perfect for risotto.

So after chopping some hot pepper and onion..all the fresh ingredients are ready.

Its a good time to have a quick break a d start the prepartion.

No time for joint, so I will have a few tokes from my bong, and go on from there.

The order is usually from the hardest to the softest, when it all starts with some butter…

A quick stir for the onion and the pepper and time to add the veggies….

As I said, risotto is all about patience, making sure that you always have enough liquids inside and that the rice is not sticking to the pan.

After about 40 minutes of cooking, about 12 bong hits and couple of joints the risotto is almost ready.

Time to add a bit of the secret sauce...Tartuffe oil I got in Italy, its unique smell can drive me crazy.

Now for the final a d probably the most important part of risotto preparation, the cheese.

The most common cheese added to risotto is of course tbe Parmigiano Reggiano, but I prefer the Grana Pedano better…

The cheese is that gives this rice dish its unique taste and texture…

Slow cooking, constant steering, good products, great smoke...and there you have it.

I keep tasting it till its exactly in the right condition, or as the Italian like to call it "Al-dente"...

It needs to be slightly firm to the bite, bit not chewy like eating uncooked rice...its not get it right...but I am sure my growing munchies will guide me.

Its perfect….the smells are already spread throughout the house, and I have some hungry people starting to make some strange noises..!)

A little salad with some fresh leaves, and vegetables and munchies monday here we come.

I hope you all been having a great day and had some of your own cravings fulfilled…

Sometimes when you want something, all you need to do is go and make it…

See ya next time

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"Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you. Take advantage man, take advantage!"

Chris Tucker

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Absolutely agree as you said may be our future us will thank us .. i seriously hope that too :) ... Great bong shots out there and i must admit you lool a pro cook.. I hope you come up with something Indian in the future :P


Yeah man, i am thinking about it everyday...all this work, all this time away from the most impprtant things in, advdntures....

We work so hard to be able to do that on our spare time...but that spare time is dwindling rapidly....

I am not a pro cook, ita juat thatbi like specializing in things that i like eating...though my repertuar is mot as big.. :)

Thanks for stopping by, next monday ill try to do a Palak paneer, another one of my specialties ;))


Man i can't wait for that. Come up soon bro with some great J/bong shots because cooking without those is incomplete.. yea


Thats true! We need bongs for any type of cooking ;))

Pineapple Kush sounds tasty - much love for the kushes. That yellow pineapple prop is awesome :)


Lol, yeah had that pinepalle piggy bank was looking at me...while i am holding some buds and preparing my smoke with pineapple nuggets ..

There was a stoners eureka moment there... ;))

Love the kushes as well!
There is something about that region...

That was a wicked post. Cheers

Bon appetit!! 😉


Thank you very much ;)

Took forever to prepare, but was worth it!!! ;)