I am out of Weed and my License is Expired 😣 ...I need a Bureaucratic Miracle :) 🙏

6 months ago

Hello friends,

What a wonderful thing happened today...I was sure I am all out of smoke, but then the gods of weed intervened and decided to bless me with their kindness.

I have woke up early today, had a few early meeting scheduled up...so didn't had much time for my morning coffee-smoke routine.
only when i arrived to the office, made my first coffee of the day, and as about ready to roll my first doobie, is when i discovered that my baggies is gonna be virtually empty, after i finish with this joint.
Not sure how this happened as I was sure i should have a few more nuggets there, but seems that I lost the count :)

I do have a little more saved at my home, but that was for those emergency moments :)

It wasn't suppose to be a problem, as I have my monthly pick-up scheduled in a few days but there was a bigger problem there...

My medical license is expired, and I was waiting for my new one...actually waiting for over 2 month already...but the crazy bureaucracy that one needs to go through in order to get your license renewed is ridiculous...and takes forever!

And although they state it shouldn't take more then 60 days (I applied way before that) to get your license renewed, but later i discovered that it is actually 60 business days, making in something like 8593454 regular days.

So I been waiting and waiting, and every time I call I keep hearing the same answers - "it is being reviewed by a committee.."
Why the hell they even bother putting humans there, when all they do is keep reciting the same not-helpful answers?

A god damn bot could do a better job, and I would have to wait for 40 minutes on the line...

So today when I noticed that i have supply left for only about 3-4 days, I started to get a bit worried...

Because as I usually get my weed through a legit channel, going to the black market will require me to look "for a guy", make sure i get a proper quality stuff without any heavy pesticides, make sure I don't get cheated with the weight etc....a huge headache..

But then talking with my partner (complaining about the lack-of-weed situation), she suddenly stopped and told me to wait a second while she checks something online....and then she sent me a link she has seen a few weeks ago on facebook.

Apparently there was some kind of reform in the whole medical cannabis industry, and soon enough medical patients will be able to pick up their weed from a regular pharmacy instead of a dispensary...the whole process of manufacturing will be split out of the retail, basically they don't want to let the "Bear Guard the Honey" and avoid any leakage to the black market.

I think this is a stupid idea that will not do much except adding more layers of bureaucracy that will be even more frustrating for the patients like me, but atleast there is a silver lining there....

Due to the whole change in chain of supply, the cue for renewing the license have turned even longer....so they decided to give an automatic 3 month extension to anybody that qualifies with the dates.

And Guess What....I am Qualified! :))

I can come and pick up my monthly supply with my expired license....how awesome is that!

I guess, thank god my partners still uses facebook :))

So I am not out of weed after all...my supply will be replenished in 4 days from now, and no need for me to hassle around looking for a dealer.

You can imagine how happy I am :)

Time for a little celebration :)

So although my dwindling supply is not big as i would hope so, I should be fine for the next few days...

Sending you some 'Weed Blessings' of your own! May you be swimming in Nuggets!

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"A marijuana high can enhance core human mental abilities!"


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Just save them for when you really have cravings. But really really, not every few hours.☺️


Cant do that man....Just Cant :)))

If I have them I must Smoke them!

Always been bad with rationing...I prefer to get blasted right here right now, rather then rationing my self the whole week...

I enjoy now, and worry later ;)


Bro, they aren't Pokemons!

What ever floats your boat...


Haha yeah they arent...if they were @jackdub would br a master..as he collected them all.

No worries about my boat though, i've been blessed by a license extention...so my boat gonna get some treasures in no time...


I'm the same way, smoke it while you got it, worry about running out later! LOL


Worry before is worry twice ;)


@carpediem 50 smoke + for a good comment is smoke.io upvoting working well.: )


Yes indeed!
No reason why engaging comments wouldnt be supported...i guess thats the whole idea of such networks...smoke.io is the same...create good content, comment on good content...all while blazing some of your favorite smoke ;), and you good to go...

Its that easy...



Not everyrhing i post is upsetting, there is often a silver lining ;) , i am generaly a positive creature, it is not my fault that life often throws some crazy stuff my way :)

But as long as it also provides me with smoking supply, i am all up for adventures :)

Thanks dear, always happy to see you on my wall! 😘

DUDE.... Reading your post I was worried for you!! Amazing how it all works out... Keep 💨💨


Thank you Ser, your worries are much appreciated ;)) perhaps it helped out with the resolution ;)

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to smoke.io !

I know some couriers, but it's always a headache. Quality leaves much to be desired, even a whole book of excuses. But it happens and all is well
I'm glad things worked out so well for You in the end.


Yeah i know quite a few of them as well, bit its always a hassle, and the quality always leaves much to be desired.

I was lucky enough to have my worry postponed for a couple of month, but until it will finaly be legal, thats part of the deal.

Ahhhhhh....thanks for the happy ending : )


You welcome my friend...its hollywood here...we always have happy endings ;)

Seriously though, i am happy indeed!
If i wouldnt find that article i would have to wait for 2 more month for my weed, or pay a fortune for it on the black market...

Thanks for stopping by.

I'm happy to hear things turned out well in the end. It must be a hassle to have to screw around with the big guys to be able to take your medicine.


Thank you brother, it turned out surprisingly well at the end...sometimes good things come from bureaucracy.

It is so frustrating to start sending out those messages : "...hey bro, got anything?..", "hey dude, long time...anything to smoke?!"
And then you have to go pick it up, be careful not to get caught, discover at home that you got some shitty buds....so frustrating...


Yeah I get that completely. The biggest pain is finding the right stuff if the pain is specific.


Honestly i dont care much about that, as long as the stuff are good, grown properly and have decent amount of a active ingredients i am game...it helps me sleep...in a way it helps me live..

Anyhow most of the time the dispensaries are writing whatever they want.

The problem with all that "street weed", atleast here is the fact that the grower were much more concerned about the profit, and much less about my health...most of the time it will contain lots of harmful sprays, not properly flushed etc...
Not that the medical industry is inherently better, its just that its more regulated.

Can't wait till the walls of ignorance crumble enough to allow home growing for everyone. :)

Glad you made it through!