Climbing The Everest?! 🗻 ...Perhaps not...Just a Day with My Dog 🐕 and some Bouldering

6 months ago

Hello Friends,

How are you all doing this lovely evening, i hope life is treating you well ;)

Its been one of those crazy weekends again, where the last thing i do is rest...and a then another busy week ahead of me….i guess thats the way my life is going to be from now own...

But i miss being bored again ...just for a while ...have nothing to do, nowhere to be, nobody to take care of, nothing to think about... :)

Just lay down on my hammock for the whole day on some exotic beach, with the only thought in my mind is should I get in for another dip in the water, drink a fresh cold coconut water, roll a huge joint or all of the above…

But hey it’s planet earth I live on, there is always something to do, most of the time somewhere to be, lots of people (including myself) to take care of, and a god damn rollercoaster of thoughts the whole day and night (I should get back to meditating everyday, used to help me alot with that).

But nothing to complain about, as my grandfather used to say…”I will rest in my grave my dear grandson”.

But at least I have MJ to help ;)

Today I decided to take my dog with me to work, I like having him around, but he is very bulky and not always aware of his size and strength and tends to run around and turn everything upside down.

He has his own space at my home, but having him at work in often ends up having some dire consequences, like dead kittens or chewed equipment.

But as i was slightly neglecting him in the past several weeks due to the babies taking most of the attention and wasnt taking him to as many walks as he was used to, i decided to take him anyway.

I have pre-loaded my grinder with some freshly cut Sativa Hybrid and was ready to start the day.

Today i will be smoking this nice strain called Jack Herer.

It wasnt availbale for a while at my suppliers farm, as they had some issues with growing it…
But now its back on the as i remember liking it a while back i grabbed my self a few grams.

The Dog followed me everywhere during the work...usually he stays at his corner and only gets up when there is something really exciting going an innocent cat passing by, or some humans that he was 100% sure came to visit him.

But today, he was everywhere…

Imagine having a huge dog face between your legs, breathing at looking at you with this cute eyes...while you talking to an important client on the phone…

But i have talked to clients while wearing only underwear in the past, so a dog face is not an issue ;)

Nevertheless the work has passed fast...the dog had fun...

The grinder was reloaded several times...

And Today was a special day as i had some plans for this we are climbing some walls :)

Unfortunately I didn't have my phone with me, so I wasn't able to make some nice pre-climbing photos of us getting baked on the roof of the climbing gym…

But hey I am not doing this to climb the Everest eventually...I am doing this for fun, the exercise part of it is only a of course i got baked on the roof of the gym before climbing even one “rock ;).

For as long as I can remember I have been doing some kind of sports, be it athletics when i was young, or cycling, swimming, volleyball, pingong (is it really as sport?! :) ), Capoeira, you name it...but in the recent years I got a bit lazy, don't get me wrong, it's not like i am sitting on a couch all day long eating cheeseburgers (I apologize in advance if you do, nothing wrong with that ;) ) , i do have a pretty active lifestyle, but I wasn't doing any sport-fun kind of sports..and was sort of missing it.

I have tried running and riding a bike, I also tried going to a regular Gym and pumping some weights...but my life is always tends to take over, and nothing sticks…

I think one of the problems for me was the fact that all those sport types are sort of automatic...after a while your legs really run on their own, your hands are lifting the weights without the need for your brain to put conscious awareness to it.

So the brain is free to float around...and when i smoke right before that (and I usually do), my mind starts to float around to my business, to my all the things I still need to do...and then after a short period of time, the “urgentness” of all the other things I need to do overwhelmed the need for an exercise...and I am out…coming next time is even harder…

So the thing I like the most about climbing, except the fact that it works on almost every muscle in your body, is the fact that your brain is right there with you, exercising…

There is no time for it to fly around to irrelevant thoughts, you gotta be in the moment, you gotta look and feel the next best place to grab, you gotta pay attention to your every move, your every breath...or you find yourself flying down to the mattress in a second.

So after all it wasn't a bad day, but hey...I still have the whole night ahead of me, and judging by the last several nights its isn't going to be one of those "slept as a baby" kind of night (not sure who was the idiot that first claimed this saying...this person didnt had any kids that for sure), or perhaps its going to be exactly that...

See you next time,

Hope you all feeling good!

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“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

– Greg Child

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I was looking, why do you grow spiders...maybe I should cut down on smoke a bit...
Your dog always looks like he is begging for something, that eyes...


Hhaha, yeah a secret spider for the stonest ones ;)...thats me being as smartass man.

The Dogster, yeah...he always wants something...for me to keep throwing the ball, for me keep petting him, for me to give him more snacks...or even better, my rolling papers (his most favorite snack)....there is always something :)

But you know, i am sure when he was a pup, his mom told him..."you got those cute eyes son, use them!! beg your way through life!" so he is using...and using... :)

But for real, he is really awesome, my best smoking buddy. we always have such great talks... (me talking...he is not... :)


If my master loves these papers, I must show him tht I love them too.


Yeah exactly...that little bastard...

Nothing is more annoying then to go out to smoke a spliff just to discover that i forgot my papers out in the open and that they are currently turning into compost in the stomach of this beast....;)


!bot selfdestruct

Well, there is a way. Spread them with some chilly peppers, start with small amount, if he continues, put more...

Try opposite of what Pavlov did, but do not show him that you are doing something with papers. This way he will learn on his mistake instead of feeling neglected by you punishing him.
I hope she doesn't read this, but that's something I do with my wife. 😬

!self-destruct Bot:
This message will self destruct in 5, 4, 3...


Haha that is hilarious and actually a great idea!

The problem with this dog, is that he doesnt mind spicy food, he actually quite enjoys it...he once licked a whole can of spicy pepper sauce...walking the whole day after that licking his face lol.

But the idea is great, i just need to think about something he dislikes...hmmm i hope there is something like that.

I wonder what it is that you put pepper on to hide from your wife 😆😆
Do you have a spicy-hash ball there, laying around?! ;)


God damn you Dogo...WU not not like something???
Pepper is more smell than is tricky...

I always found capoera an interesting sport. A martial arts hidden heind dancing. Very interesting indeed. How long did you do it?


I love capoeira, it is an amazing get to exercise your whole body, you develop flexibility, name it...and if you brave enough :) you get to do some crazy acrobatic tricks, used to get me lots of girls in nightclubs ;))

I was training it in a team for about 3-4 years, but even today i like to do a few moves every now and then ;)...Capoeira stays with you forever ;)


Awesome. I found it fascinating how it's a sport developed in prison. Hiddinging so guards wouldn't notice


Its not in a prison per-se, it wanst limited to a building or anything like that...
Capoeira was developed by African slaves in Brazil sometimes in the 16'th century, they werent allowed to practice any martial art, so it was disguised by a "religious dance" that was somewhat tolerable.

There quite a few legends about notorious fighters (dancers) using capoeira to escape captivity or even fight the Portugesse opressors...but mainly it was used as a mean of survival...

Nevertheless is has some amazing history...


Why wouldn't you try it, for starts at home a bit. As Carp said, it is good for flexibility, mobility, power, muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance...but not strength, sry (just a tiny bit).

You built strenght by overloading or lifting the weight you cannot lift. All movements have momentum and therefore build strenght to some small extend. Just to the point where your body can overcome its own weight.

But definitely, try it.

Thats wicked awesome post cheers


Thanks my friend! Trying my best here ... :)

Great Post mate, keep these coming! 👍

Cool doggo :)


Thanks man, yeah he is very nice...
And with all those new babies that came into his life, and the way he handles it...he deserves to be knighted....

Good doogie!