Almost a Baby?! 👶 Ohh Shit, That was Close - a Part of My Day, The Jerusalem Express Part...🚋🍀

11 months ago

Hello everybody, how you all been doing this day?

Been a bit stressful day today, for a second there we been very close to the labor room.

So In a day like this I had to turn out to the Holly Strain, the Jerusalem Express Strain ;)

The morning started again with a visit to a doctor, the thing is that on the latest baby ultrasound they noticed that the babies stomach is a bit late on the development graph.
Everything seems to be right, its just the stomach that is 3 weeks behind schedule…

In many cases it can be a sign of some additional issues and often the doctors don't take risks and induce labour.

So my partner was hooked up to a monitor, checked for any possible sign of baby being in stress...something as simple as a bit high or low blood pressure can be a bad sign, and will send us immediately to the hospital to induce labour, she is on week 34 (out of 40 - note for man), that very early for that.

But fortunately, no such signs were shown...the baby seems active and showing no signs of stress...thank god!

So we have been released with a very long schedule of additional check-ups she will have to go through before the labour...I know its hard on me, but i can only imagine what my partner feels, it must be tough on her…

But we both know that everything will be just fine and try to stay optimistic and not to concentrate on the bad possible scenarios.

So right after we cleared that out, and the doctor said that everything is ok, and that for now we have nothing to worry about, it was time for me to have a few smokes.

To get my self in the spiritual mode of receiving, i decided to grab a baggie of my most "spiritual" strain...the "Jerusalem Express".

Its a new strain i got the other day, and actually didn't had a chance to try it out before.

The lab test sticker says it has 19.5% THC and about 0.5 cbd.

It is a 80-20% Sativa dominant strain, it gives this euphoric feeling, and uplifted mood, exactly what is needed right now.

The smell is very strong fruity, and slightly citrus, that almost smells like a green mango fruit.

The High is great, doesn't last that long (about 40-45 min) but makes your head very light, and some (yeah only some) of the thought to mellow down, helps to relax.

I appologize, I don't have much more to tell today, its just that everything that I was doing today, I was only partially there, my mind was somewhere else...parenthood comes with so much worries...isn’t it…

I better just go and chill out with the family...let the day go by...

Just perhaps a little nightcap before calling it a day?!

A quick coffee break after dinner, with a little splif and some Smoke.ioing.

Have a great night you all, and the ones of you capable of metaphysical energy transmission..some good energies for our future baby will be much appreciated, may she grow strong and healthy and may she be full of life and light, may the gods of weed (let it be all gods,or one god, or anything else..) bless her with only joy and laughter and a happy family :)

Good night fellow Smokians, you got me all sentimental...

#nugporn #smoking #canna-curate #cryptosmokers #weed

"I got high, and forgot I wasn’t supposed to get high."

Ricky Williams

*All the photos in this post were taken by me and therefore my property ;) please consider asking me before you steal my Pulitzer level photography and writing...!

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Nugs are pretty lovely... must have been a new harvest because of the green color. At any rate, you have enjoyed it and that´s the purpose of smoking to relax..

Yeah the stress... but think of the joy when the baby comes out... hehehe. Good luck!


Yeah i also thought i was probably an early harvest, thats is also the reason for this fresh green mango smell...probably would be better to keep them up there for another week or so...

But hey they were properly flushed, abd burnt properly, so its all good .. :))

Yeah will be 'good times' ;))

Thanks for stopping by.

You are going to be a dad! Congrats friend :)


I am gonna be a dad for the second time, very soon...!! :))

Thanks man

Amazing!!!!! Wow! Baby! I love babies


No problem, sending you a baby together with the Lasagna package :))




🤣😂🤣 That might be an issue ... The lasagna is to good, cant expect the baby to hold back...

May the universe bless you both with a beautiful healthy baby !!


Thank you very much @iah, I know the universe will listen!!

Resmoked post to carry with it these good wishes, which were also being formulated through the reading, and to send them out to the Universe to assist in the manifest and the creation of conditions whereby she can do all that she has come down to do, with Love, Appreciation, Health, Light and Life and the manifold blessings of Lady Cannabis 🙏. May she also have no need to be exposed to the energy of parental worry 🔆


Now that is what I call a good wish blessing!!

Thank you so much @barge, your words are truly appreciated, really...that is awesome!

May your words hold the power of your intention!
And may the kind Lady of Cannabis empower them with true manifestation!

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless." -Mother Teresa

Your words have echoed...thank you!