"It's not about the money"

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27 days ago

Yet here we are and all the people who were sooooo passionate about smoke are gone or no longer posting on any regular schedule or even a mildly often one. It's funny to see how full of shit people are, when the price drops to all time lows and then magically the "passion" goes away. Smoke is now where it's worth and has been worth in my mind for so long. Buying lower than 0.01 BTS is a deal as is buying around that. Sometimes the new beginnings have to come from the end of another. Bask in the low cost, as now you have the chance to even the scales for cheaper than ever, with the large stakeholders. If you're actually passionate about this place and about cannabis, then show it... because this state of affairs is very telling of your true intentions here.

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Well, tbh I logged in for the first time in the last six months or so, and the second post headline is "I can't upload photos!"... In my last post, over a year ago, I'm complaining about upload issues and obviously nothing's done about that... Just make it work for fucks sake... That'd be #1

#2 - Pandemic - people lost their jobs and all that shit that goes together. When looking for alternative income methods, NOBODY is going to look at Smoke coz A) network still doesn't work properly i.e. photo upload and B) price has bottomed so one can't make extra buck (and the price is not going to recover without use case)

#3) - Cannabis is still illegal in like 98% of the world. If I can't share my post and photos on other social network platforms (and that way potentially attract new users) what's the point??

Hope this makes sense, now I'm going to read some posts and see has Smoke Network evolved from cherishing 13g yields...

So I've been lurking around for an hour or so aaaaand...

1 - is sign up fixed? A lot of users were complaining about it...
2 - "created" tab doesn't load posts older than 6 days. Is that something new?
3 - What happened 3 weeks ago?? Seems like everyone stopped posting 21-25 days ago...
4 - When did you guys hear from @stoner last time??
5 - My last activity was 8 months ago, 3 months ago I popped in to claim rewards. How the fuck am I casting 50-smoke-votes now??
6 - What happened to @darian?? That guy was stirring up things here...


No clue about signup. No reason to try with nothing to offer being here.

Created seems to show a limited amount of posts for me now as well. Ouch.

No clue about 3 weeks ago, but probably the price drop caused people to finally stop giving a fuck.

Haven't heard from stoner in a long long time now. Not on smoke anyhow. Stopped caring about the discord as it was dead anyway. Have some sleepers on it still if I truly cared.

You're casting higher votes because indica is not using their massive stake at the time being. That's why we ALL had votes worth far less than we could have, because indica's stake was controlling where most of the rewards went. NOW, without indica voting, our votes are all worth more each. A lot of other large stakeholders stopped voting as well.

Cannaking is my alt account, it's been well known. It's part of the "Darian" alt-chain cluster. It was the main stake-holding account for this cluster.

Also, on your other comment, you are absolutely retarded. No, "98%" of the world doesn't have cannabis illegal, not the developed world anyhow (Most citizens of third world countries won't be on the internet likely any time soon regardless of legalization of cannabis so your point about them counting would be stupid to begin with as they aren't potential chain users to anyway.)

The only way your statement is true is if you literally go by land-mass or count the fact that russia covers a massive portion of the map (Albeit being ONE country among all of the many.) as well as Africa (Mostly the undeveloped parts minus the north-eastern sections where Egypt and developed countries like that reside.) then sure... a large portion (Still nowhere close to "98%" dumbass.) of the world still doesn't have legal cannabis in any form. As I stated though, that is if you go by land-mass. Many undeveloped countries in Africa that don't even have internet much less A/C, do not count towards people who "would" be here if it was legal for them. Sorry. Russians? That's a laaaaarge land mass with a lot of people too. Do you want to learn to read russian? If we try to bring them here if it legalizes, this place will be full of russians speaking Russian and typing in russian. I'm all for that though as... ya khorosho govoryu po russki.... but I think we'd simply replace the english speaking userbase with Russians almost entirely and your posts would be lost across theirs.

The point is, it isn't a lack of legality or userbase that could potentially be here. It's about a lack of effort from the people who began this, as they clearly saw it as a way to get rich quick and didn't truly give a fuck about it. A passion project doesn't just die unless your passion dies and I doubt the passion existed to begin with despite what the puppet "stoner" states in the shill videos he was likely paid to be in.

The problem with this place is that the chain isn't being restarted completely with fresh stake for everyone and a brand new chain that has such low requirements that anyone could get a witness going. It would be free of the "darian bullshit" that ever occurred and it would flourish as something new but trying to keep this dead old fish alive is getting hard when the only available life support for it is raw sewage.


On the map you also need to consider that a large part of the land mass is also unoccupied or sparingly occupied, like the poles/arctic/antarctic. Nowhere close to "98%" of the world has anything at all illegal. Stop making bullshit excuses because you don't understand the world around you and feel the need to regurgitate shit you heard from other idiots who are trying to shill or be optimistic about this sad attempt at a chain under false claims.


So that explains your 14 reputation...

Now, dumbass, that's medical use map and I see 4-5 blue (legal) countries out of 200+ which makes hmmm what percentage??? I really hope you don't count each US state as a independent country...

Another thing: decriminalised does not mean legal... Educate yourself before jumping on conclusions.


I'd suggest you take your own advice you full on fucking retard.

Only 34~ countries are recognized as "First World" as of 2020 dipshit. That means 166~+ of the countries you are counting, don't count you fucking retard. You obviously can't read because third world countries who MAJORITIVELY wouldn't have wide-spread internet and technology to begin with, don't count as people who WOULD be here if it were legal you retarded fuck. Smh. Having legal weed doesn't all of a sudden magically give your country the infrastructure to all of a sudden have internet and added technological shit, retard. They don't count.

Also, 1/4 of the map is blue which is recreational retard. Already that 25% of the map being blue means at MOST 75% of the world could have it illegal, not "98%" like your retarded chin drooling ass claimed. That's just recreational too. Yes, medical counts dipshit. It means people who truly need it can access it stupid. That makes nearly half the map legal in one form or another. Medical patients are more than free to post about their LEGAL activities dumbass so they count.

You're just a fucking retard. lmfao! This wasn't a decriminalization chart it was a legalization chart, so you're right, decriminalized doesn't count, fact of the matter is it means it doesn't get pursued generally, so one could potentially count that as a form of "legal" if they chose to.

Point is I shit on your bullshit claims about "98%" of the world not having it legal because the fact of the matter is, MOST of the DEVELOPED (Non third-world who have internet and shit.) world has it legal now in one form or another so no, legality isn't a valid reason for this place being empty dipshit. Try again retard! :-)

You need to do some reading because as much as you act like you're more educated than me, you clearly fucking aren't lmfao!


Hey @darian / @realkiki85

I didn't read the whole thread/insult exchange... but thought I'd weigh in on the "Most citizens of third world countries won't be on the internet likely any time soon regardless of legalization of cannabis so your point about them counting would be stupid to begin with as they aren't potential chain users to anyway" snippet.

First Up: I'm from one of those third-world countries... and we have wide-spread internet.
True, our FIXED line (old school ADSL and newer Fibre) infrastructure sucks balls, but as a result the vast majority of the country has mobile phones (with... you guessed it... Internet capability). Both my gardener and domestic helpers have Facebook pages.

Fair enough, not enough of us are into crypto... but crypto played a HUGE role in MANY African countries... Zimbabwe for example ditched their own currency in favour of the US$ (and then most citizens turned to BTC as a way of moving money in and out of the country).

Anyway... that's my 2 cents (on the connectivity of Africa anyway... I'll leave you guys to sort out the rest of the name calling :P)


Whatever fits your narrative...

It's not about money, it's about love of cannabis 🌱💚