Do you need a little BTS?

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21 days ago

@bongripper427 Needed a little bit of BTS to get his stuck BTC out of Rudex.
Rudex can sometimes be finicky and not let you choose the option you truly want. I get it.

Do you need a little bit of BTS for something?
Have some currency stuck you can't withdraw?
Want a little more BTS to trade with because you don't have much?

It's a new year and I'm feeling generous so if you need some BTS, just reply with your acct id and I will throw some BTS into your wallet to do with what you wish.

I also have 4,200 smoke of which I will be giving 420 to 10 people randomly over the course of the next week/month. I plan on buying more of the market smoke as well to distribute around, so it might be the perfect time to put some up for sale to get a little bit more than you normally would since I buy over the current market price each time I buy.

It's a new year, there's a lot of potential for it to be great. Let's make that happen.

If we've had qualms in the past, we can squash all the beef right now and I can support you instead of the latter options. The time for growth is here and you can either grow with me or grow alongside me, but I will always continue growing and at this point I don't wish to exert energy into negativity anymore. No more flagging, no more going off on people who test me, just growth. Let's make it a great year for smoke.

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New year new leaves.


Well, in this case, more like a whole new plant. Ripping it up from the roots entirely and sowing new seeds. This was one foul, diseased plant. LOL

You're the man !! You helped me get my BTC off Rudex. thank you !