Changing tides.

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3 days ago

As they come and go, the tides leave change across the sands of time.

With this change in tide, I am crushing every beef/feud/negative basis I have with each and every one of you. The past is the past, no changing it. I'm moving forward and looking to be more supportive and catering to those in my proximity.

Essentially, I will now be supporting those who provide good content, stopping any form of post hiding/ghost posting/shitposting for roi/etc. I will no longer be a detriment to this blockchain, but an asset. The past few months have been eye opening on more than one account and to be frank, I'm going to be putting far more positive energy into the universe than I previously was, because the negative was beginning to outweigh the positive and at some point beliefs don't matter as much as trying to salvage something you once cared about or still do.

I don't want negativity from this point on, but if you wish to let some out at me still, I don't blame you for it. Despite being slighted and wronged initially, my response to it all in the beginning and continuing on, was disproportionate. I had far more of an effect on others than they ever had on me and I didn't really care about the results in the end. I can't honestly say I'm too optimistic at this point either, but as things in life happen, so our heart changes tune.

Hate me still if you want, but I no longer wish to give rebuttal. If you haven't been posting much if at all because of me, start posting again, please. I will be happy to support quality posts from now on.

All of my witnesses will continue to run to support the network and so that initminers do not need to be active, so if initminers are active and costing someone, it is because they are voted on still, not because the network doesn't have enough support. I will also make my public node available across the board after I have secured a named ip for it and hardened my network's security from any ill intent.

My witnesses will be down during a migration to a much larger server. I'll need much more space because I am also starting back up with development of blockchain based games. They will be back up after selection and migration.

2020 has been garbage.
2021 has potential. Let's not waste that potential.

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Some damage cannot be repaired so easily, I am afraid this is by far to little way to late. As of now it seems the few that had any interest in building anything are gone ... ffs the stupid FB group I started is more active then here and the people who hoped to join our platform from there now see no reason to join at all.

You have destroyed every effort I have made for the platform and like the rest I have run out of options. We now sit with efforts being a waist of energy due to lack of community ... start by building community not making grandiose posts about it.

Actions are everything as your words have been exhausting.

Oh and I've never snitched in my life btw.
Scare tactics and nothing more.
No one deserves a cell for a plant.
I was simply trying manipulation tactics.
Yea, not a good look. In the past now.

King do you have servers now and happy holidays hope to know about your games or network mostly about blockchain games and related theme whether esports, casino, or just simple point and click .io.

Dumbass finding out mexico approved recreational weed. Fuk this shit Changing tides your shit stinks dumb loser lol ha ha

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