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Highlights this Week

"Coffee smoothie with marijuana." - The Caterpillar @absolem gives directions and ingredients for making a Coffee Smoothie with Marijuana. If you enjoy cannabis edibles, this might be just the right pick me up - i'm sure it would set you down nicely too. Click the link to see the ingredient list and process.

"My Spliff of the Tuesday 💨" @kath420 flashes the Tuesday spliff. Modest, it's looking like a blunt to me. Check out her post and comments for more about what's in the spliff.

"#SmokeOnTheRoad: I was FINED $223 FOR SKOKING MARIJUANA!!!" - @maelstrohmblack got caught up with local private only bylaws for smoking cannabis and was handed a hefty fine. It's always nice to have more freedoms back, but Canada's cannabis legalization has some regulations to watch out for. Be sure to know the laws of the land, visit @maelstrohmblack's post get the details.

"Germination & Birth Week" - @dreadk has some fresh seedlings on the go. Tempo North, Cotton Candy, Critical Diesel, and Pink Thai strains - 2 out of 4 success, check the post to see which seeds popped and to read about what's next for the cannabis garden. Gardening and growing plants i've found has meditative and additional benefits.

"Grow, Learn, Repeat (Mother Earth and Papas Candy grow diary/part 3)" In this grow diary, @lamanoverde reveals the preventative measures for controlling red mites, and is making note of different light setups - many lovely grow photos. References the feeding schedule as well. A wealth of information on, be sure to check out @lamanoverde's most recent grow diary.

"@tecnosgirl has a super power - aka Solo Cup final weight" - @mjgeeks had a final weigh up from his Solo Cup Challenge day 115 - Chop Day! - @tecnosgirl had guess very closely, good eye. Check out @mjgeeks's solo cup harvest - fruits of the labor.

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Many thanks for including my grow diary!! really happy to be featured in your post guys.Thanks ;-)