Yesterday I Got Stoned & Jammed Out

5 months ago

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Yesterday I got stoned on some Blue Dream and went to jam town on my synthesizers. Getting stoned and making music go hand in hand in my life. I made a few mistakes with my live playing but overall I feel it came out good.

I hope you guys enjoy the music !

: Gear List :

Korg Microkorg ( Live Pad )
Casio CZ3000 ( Live Intro Synth )
Korg Odyssei ( Live Bass and Main Synth Sequence )
Korg Gladstone ( Drum Sequence )
Novation Impulse ( Keyboard/Midi )
Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 ( Audio Interface )
Korg Gadget iOS ( Main Sequencer )
Auria Pro iOS ( Multi Track Recorder
Audioshare iOS ( Audio Export )

I mixed things up and tried to bring a live performance aspect out of my setup. I tried to limit myself to a drum sequence and one simple lead sequence. This was very much the same approach I took with Korg Volca, allowing me to fill in the pads and bass live. This should capture the same vibe if my Volca Jams but with new gear.

I did have my pants hanging low like a boss gansta, didn't notice till after the video. Guess I'm playing the gansta roll today.

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Good stuff mate, I will listen to it now, bong on bro. :-)


Hope you enjoyed it !

You should plug it into. Cubase or protools. with a midi controller and record or lay out a track.


I use Auria Pro on iOS to multi track my stuff =)

good work @bongripper427, resmoked! HAPPY SMOKE !!!

Good job.

The beginning sounds like the beginning of an episode in Stranger Things.