Wake & Bake w/Morgan

3 months ago


It's a sunny, spring morning in New England and I'm getting ready to wake & bake with my favorite 4 legged furry friend. Morgan loves to soak up the sun and fresh morning breeze, it's always a long winter in New England. You only really get a few months of good weather up here so you really need to go outside and enjoy it.

Morgan is a indoor cat and doesn't like to even go on walks outside on a leash, she starts to flip out. I got her at around the age of 10 and her previous owner kept her 100% inside, so that's how she rolls. I feel it's safer anyway, so many cars and dangerous things for a outside cat in my area. She really is a amazing cat and I'm lucky to have picked her up.

Her original owner died and she was on the way to a animal rescue/pound. We all know how cats of Morgans age do in those places & I feel Morgan would of done even worse than most cats her age. It took her over a year to really become herself and the first few months were really hard, she had no clue what was going on and you could tell. We just gave her time, space & love when she came out of hiding. Something she would of never had locked in a cage.


I'll be going out to enjoy the weather today so maybe I'll take a few nature shots and share my outside smoking experience in a later blog. Right now I'm going to pack a bong and enjoy a few minutes of the morning with cat.

Thank you so much for the endless support on the Smoke.io blockchcain. I've stated many times I feel Smoke.io has the most potential of any blockchain social media I've touched in 2 years of this space. It's hit the ground running and has made very smart design choices for it's blockchain. Smoke.io has never seen a true bull market and it looks like that run just might happen in the near future.


I'm amped to see the future of Smoke.io and I'm proud to be a early adopter of the system. I'll be here till the end my friends. Ride or die, smoke and fly !

Till next time, keep smoking



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Well done for giving morgan a loving home.


Thank you, I'm lucky to have her in my place =)

You ever get worried about your cat eating your nug?


That was only for the pic but overall she stays away from the nugs =)

Music producer porn! Cat, Synthesizer and buds all at the same time, you for sure know how to have a good time 😎


LOL, yes. Cats and synths with weeds is a synth nerds paradise =)