The Final Walk to 10,000 Smoke Power : Passing 9k

6 months ago


What a crazy stoned adventure this project has been since day one. Reading about a cannabis based blockchain peaked my interest right but after experiencing other systems I told myself to keep my expectations within check. When your wrong, your wrong. launched and I was blown away by the system, people and natural interaction within the system. The amazing thing is this interaction and natural support isn't slowing down, I feel the support within is growing daily. Everything about this project so far has 100% exceeded all expectations.

Your support via this amazing system has brought my account past 9,000 Smoke Power, I can't begin to fully express how lucky I feel to be evolved with the building of this blockchain and how much I appreciate the support you've given to me and the entire system. All the developers, witnesses, content creators and everyday users are killing it.

I'll be hitting my first BIG goal here on the system very soon, 10,000 Smoke Power. I'm not stopping at 10,000 my fellow potheads and blockheads. My next main goal is grind all the way to 50,000/100,000. In my opinion, this project has tons of potential in the future and I'm willing to put in the time needed to be heavily invested.


The project is expanding and becoming better everyday. The growth and expansion on this project is by far the healthiest in the blockchain/social media space, in my opinion. The added ads to help support growth, you see upgrades to the front end often and apps are already being built for This is unreal growth compared to other systems who seem to be dragging their feet and fighting each other.

I've stated before the common passion of cannabis has the chance to give this blockchain a common ground other systems are missing. I feel this is helping grow in a health manner and creates real, honest interaction. The comments and interaction on my post rival ANY post I make on Facebook when it comes to interaction, maybe even better. This is a very health sign and something you can't say about other projects.

Other systems worried so much about the back end they spaced out about the social media aspect and is picking up their pieces, building a solid system with solid support.

10,000 is in reach and 50,000 will be my next main goal, let's keep this bong smoking my friends !

Till next next, keep smoking



#smoke #smokenetwork

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I'm still on 2,500 feeling like underachieving, hope to get to five figures soon too


Just upvoted a few of your post and resmoked the most recent. Keep it up broskies, you're doing great and will make the goal easy my friend. =)


I appreciate, thanks a lot

Good on you bro I'm happy for you, 50,000 here we come. I'm almost 3500 now, my first goal is 5000 so I have a bit to go, it's hard to come up with quality posts all the time though. Good luck mate, bong on bro, :-)


50k and beyond my good friend ! Yes, it can be hard to do quality stuff everyday, =)

Congratulations. Good milestone.


Thank you broskies !

Bravo Tod, let me upsmoke you to get faster to next step. This way I get something in return feom curation and I step towards mine.


Awesome bro, thank you for the support. I'm sure you'll reach all your goals =)

Nice dedication to the smoke chain. Keep pushing knowledge and 100k will be no problem.


It's going to be lots of work but I've got the drive my friend, thank you for the support

Gratz, milestones are what life is about


Thank you broskies ! 100% =)

congratz on your journey to 10k and beyond!


Thank you for the support my good friend, hope you reach all your goals =)

Congradulations on hopefully having reached the first goal by the time I'm writingthis comment. I agree. The interactions here on the comment section can rival any social media. For me its even far more interactons. Specially sinc i mostly dont use facebook or instagram any more. Mostl for promotion and contact with my old friends. Not to mention if I do post. Near to 0 percent interactions. I myself am on the road to 5K Smoke Power. Was a bit hard to belive its been 2 months since I joined. The people here are friendly, helpful and supportive. I cant wait to see what the future holds for this platform.

I think you will reach your target in the next days! RESMOKED!


Thank you for the support , hope you reach all your goals here on =)

Over 9000