Thank You My Potheads & Blockheads

last year


What's up my fellow potheads and blockheads,

I need to take time in this post to send a special thank you to EVERYONE on who has supported my content in anyway since I entered the platform. The support you guys have gave me since day one is amazing and potentially life changing in the future. I really can't thank you enough for everything you've gave me so far in the system.

I feel is the most pure blockchain project in the blockchain social media space. The 50/50 split, active members who leave comments and voting which feels like the most fair of any blockchain social media project. All these aspects add up to the most friendly, interactive and rewarding blockchain experience you can currently have within this space.


Again, this is all my opinion but I feel many people who use and other systems would agree that has something special going deep down in it's core that many other systems are lacking. I need to send a second thank you to the creators and CEO of for the time they took in starting this project and getting it off the ground. They really learned from previous systems mistakes and created something that was needed in the space. was born in the deep depths of a bear market, deep down in the crypto abyss. has never seen a true bull run and it looks like that has a huge chance of changing with Bitcoins new price rise. has set itself up to become a monster during the next big bull run and I feel many early adopters will be rewarded in the future for jumping into this platform. I'm proud to be a early adopter and supporter of


I love how this project brings so many people together with the same passion and love for cannabis. I've stated in the past I feel a cannabis related blockchain is perfect for the blockchain. This project gives us a safe and secure platform to share a passion that we can't always talk about in full form on other social media. This project gives the security of blockchain along with the rewards.

I'm amped to see the future of and how it performs during the next big bull run. I feel many users are going to jump into the system and this project has huge potential to take in the future. This project is already thriving with users, content and interactions. I feel the next bull run is going to blow the top off this blockchain project.

Till next time, keep smoking



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Great article. I agree that the community here is special. It feels like sitting around talking with a group of enlightened friends. In general the people here are miles ahead of the majority of people in the world when it comes to knowledge of all of the important issues facing humanity today. So different from any other platform.


Thank you for taking the time to check it out and I'm glad you enjoyed the read. It's a perfect place for all us to meet and I agree most people here are like Michael J Fox on a hover board compared to the rest of humanity =)


Excellent analogy 👍💥

Hi Todd,
Yeah, seems that the bull run just started.. and I hope the figures continue to rise up now! Btc is atm more than 7K... cheers!


Things are looking up for the first time in awhile, hope it keeps pumping =)

This is a unique project. I am very happy to be here. The future is ours. Thank you for your post.


Glad you enjoyed it, thank you for reading and dropping a awesome comment =)

Smoke is so new, give it some time. I’m sure it will pull a steemit one day and jump to at least $7 a smoke when the rally really hits! History always repeats! After bitcoin came out we have no more excuses. All the coins eventually will go up just like bitcoin! Smoke will be the biggest smoke site of them all, first smoke adopter advantage, that is why I am preparing now for the future!


I'm in no rush, I'm loving the project and it's great to watch it evolve. I do feel has a huge future ahead of itself

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Very positive post,thanks.


Glad you enjoyed it ! Thank you for taking the time to read it and drop a comment. =)

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: )

Interesting article.

You just burned it man.. I mean what a article.. It really depicts what i think of .. And i too feel no blockchain related social media is near to it.