Synths,Dabs & Weed

10 months ago


Long time no talk me fellow potheads and blockheads. I return with a post of absolute glory! I recently picked up some killer smoke,dabs and a retro synthesizer from the late 80's. The smoke is great and the synthesizer is amazing.

Getting ripped out of my mind and exploring these 3.5 floppy disk full of awesome retro sounds is just a music stoner dream. This synthesizer is just a blast to explore and even better when you're stoned as fuck.


I shared a few videos showcasing the power of this amazing synthesizer that still sounds great today. I hope you're all being safe during this world wide event.

I'll be touching base more often within Tinypic is done so my profile pic is screwed, anyone recommend another good site for my profile pic, thanks for the help on that one.

Till next time,keep smoking !


#smoke #weed #music #stoner

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Some nice-looking nugs on that tray!


Thank you ! Hope you're doing good =)

Hello! great to hear from you again! Awesome nugs you have! Bong on!


Good to see you again my friend !!!

Use to host your image. Upload like your making a post, then copy and paste that link in your profile.

Welcome back, a lot has changed here in 4 months good to see you come back around.

Also make sure you update your witness votes! Some of the witnesses have disabled.


Thanks for the 411 =)