Stoner Video Game Review : Sea of Thieves

5 months ago


I've been taking a lot of bong rips and playing a lot of Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is a open world pirate game in which you join a crew, raise the sails and search for treasure. Rare used the Unreal engine to perfection creating a cartoon style but very detailed world. This article will jump into my opinion on Sea of Thieves at it's current state and talk about my experience on the open seas.

Sea of Thieves entered the gaming world with some pretty harsh reviews on You Tube. Many people called the game boring and lifeless. Lots of users didn't enjoy the questing system and felt like the entire game didn't have enough content. I'd say at launch, you saw more negative reviews than positive.

To be fair You Tubers are all looking for views and will jump on ANY train to get views. The video game players love to pick a game apart and call it shit. They love watching videos that talk about how bad a game is when they hate it, I feel many video games channels on You Tube use this to their advantage. Most of the You Tubers who ripped apart Sea of Thieves are now double dipping and making a new video " Sea of Thieves has changed " or something of that nature.

Beyond the nature of jumping on a " hate train", I feel the game itself isn't built for everyone. Sea of Thieves feels VERY much like a old school MMO. A lot of the joy comes from you and the interactions you have within the world. I'd argue Sea of Thieves best moments come from player to player interactions. Sea of Thieves appeals to the player who likes a open world in which you must create the fun and interactions.

The detail to the world is jaw dropping at times, there is nothing else like it on any other console. The amount of time and coding that went into the water must of been mind numbing, Sea of Thieves has the most impressive water I've seen in any video game to date.


You've got a choice of 3 ships

The Sloop is a small ship suited to solo or two-pirate crews. It is more maneuverable and easier to operate. Its Anchor takes less time and manpower to raise, and its Helm (wheel) makes fewer revolution

The Brigantine is a medium ship for up to 3 crew members. It falls between the smaller Sloop and larger Galleon in size and stats.

The Galleon is a large ship that can accommodate up to 4 crew members. It generally requires teamwork to operate efficiently, makes slower turns, and takes more man power to raise Anchor but is better-armed and much more difficult to sink than a Sloop.

Once you choose a ship the game will assign you a random crew if you don't already have friends who want to sail the seas. Once you're part of a crew you must evade pirates ( real life players ) trying to steal your booty, follow treasure maps, kill skeletons, gather supplies, explore islands and fight off sea monsters like the Kracken and Megladon.


All players are even in Sea of Thieves. You can only upgrade your look, nothing in game will give you better stats or better guns. You start the game with all the weapons in the entire game and can hold as many supplies as everyone else.

Sea of Thieves player advantage comes from knowledge of the game. Stats don't make you better, knowing how to play makes you better. The idea is your time and knowledge of the game is what makes you a " better pirate ". Some people don't like that aspect of Sea of Thieves but I feel it's refreshing.

Sea of Thieves is a true pirate game in the sense you can steal peoples treasure and hard work. When a boat sinks all the loot from that ship stays in the water and can be stolen by players. Your ship doesn't even need to be down in order to steal you booty, someone could sneak on your ship while your not looking and steal your earnings.

In this video the famous streamer Summit1 and his pirate crew steals 40,000$ worth of loot from a ship. It was a bad day for these guys.

This loot drop system creates tension with every interaction on the seas with real life players. The more gold you horde on the ship means a bigger loss when your ship sinks or if you get raided from other players. You can spend hours farming treasure only to have a better or smarter crew steal your booty. I really enjoy this aspect of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves is a evolving game, rare plans to treat Sea of Thieves like a MMO. They will be adding updates every month, building the game up over time. of Thieves is already a great game and I feel it will only get better in time


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This game sounds challenging and a lot of fun ... I also like the idea of stoner reviews / game recces 4 stoners!


It's a blast, I'm loving it. I'll be doing more stoner reviews in the future my friend. =)

I heard this was a great game, I was thinking about buying it a while back but just can't sit down and play games much any more.

This has a great concept tho for an mmo


I'm loving it so far. It's really a great concept like you said. Very fresh and the graphics are amazing .

I heard about that game. I have been meaning to try it out but right now I'm incapable of playing my PS or do I have a PC. So that will have to wait. But I'm glad to hear that it got better.