Stoned in the Studio

3 months ago

What's up !

I hope everyone in the space has been killing it and taking phat dab/bong rips. I've been busy as ever with my music, studio and content creation. I stated in a previous post I've been focusing on gaining back some momentum I lost on You Tube when focusing on Steemit. I feel I've past my old numbers and I'm really pushing hard to gain higher view rates, which isn't easy at all.


Beyond all the You Tube bullshit, I've been pushing my music like a mad stoner and even got a few new pieces in my studio !


I imagine these 2 new synthesizers (red/black) are another reason I've been away from posting on, lots of my time has been learning the in and outs of these new machines. The Behringer Neutron and Model D have both added a lot of power to my sound, they are 100% analog.

They aren't my only new pieces in the studio, I traded for a Waldorf Blofeld !


This beast has been the biggest time sink of all my new pieces. The Waldorf Blofeld is a pretty deep, diverse and powerful synthesizer. I've yet to even scratch the surface of this things true power and I've already made some AMAZING sounds. Getting stoned out of my mind and exploring this synthesizer is one of my favorite past times at the moment.

I'll share on of my latest tracks I made with my recent setup. Warning, it's pretty dark and angry. I'm a happy stoner but tend to release all my anger and depression into my music.

I'll try my best to be a lot more active on I've missed all you potheads and blockheads!

Till next time, keep smoking

  • Todd

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fuck ya man, cool setup. I got a microkorg in my studio in Europe. Those things are dope AF for arpeggios. Keep smoking the bongs and making them Tunes man! Stay up


MK is a modern classic broskies ! 15 years in production for a reason. It can do almost anything you want and for the price, that's amazing. Thank you for the awesome welcome back, I'll be posting a good amount now my friend. =)

Will be waiting for your tracks.. keep up the good work :)


Awesome ! Will share some music in my later post =)

they look great !❤️


Thank you ! Hope you're going well my friend =)

Great work really like it.


Thank You ! Glad you enjoyed it =)