Interaction is STILL the most genuine blockchain I've experienced.

7 months ago


It's been a crazy ride in crypto land since falling from the peak and many systems that thrived with interactions while Bitcoin soared in value are hurting to pull any real value today in terms of honestly/real interactions. I stated when I first entered this blockchain the interactions here felt a lot more genuine than other blockchain spaces and I feel that's a good aspect for in the long term.

I've always felt that being a pothead/stoner "niche" blockchain out the gate was going to give it a better chance of a long term community feeling. That has proven to be the case so far and I feel it's only something that will grow in the future for All systems have slowed down that's a fact but I feel has a strong chance to survive and is currently my favorite blockchain project.


I took a long break for personal reasons but I've been trying to jump back into posting and honestly is the only blockchain I care to make detailed exclusive content for at all at this point. That's all because of the hard work put in by the devs, users & witnesses. Amazing work to everyone on the blockchain.

In the end every post, interaction and comment are core parts of the system. Everyone down to the basic user is vital to these blockchains and one of the aspects that drove me to explore blockchain space at all for content. is killing it in that field and hope it keeps that trend in the future.

Till next time, keep smoking


#smoke #smokenetwork

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This IS the best social platform! When was the last time you had to see a political add here? Cannabis content every time all the time!


Compared to other systems this is still thriving with real interactions, love it

I feel the same and i post regularly in steem and hive and i just feel that here is more like we are a big family 😊💚


I agree, there you need to be in a circle of people that have voting power or people of power need to like you. Here, it's all natural baby !

Well said man :)


It's how I feel my friend

I love for all my cannabis content. It is real with real opinion and not fake reviews.

We must be united in this community to be stronger than others.


I agree ! It's already amazing but can always grow stronger

Featured you on yesterday’s #HappyHempDay stream 👍

I agree with you, made a little reply on video ... short version it has been a very empowering aspect of my journey, the accomplishments made though small accepted and celebrated for what they are my personal achievements ❤️

Keep doing you brother 😘