Your Creative Goals ? ( 2019 )

5 months ago


They say pot heads are lazy and have no motivation. I feel is a perfect example of a project with many motivated smokers who break the mold. Yes, some pot smokers can be lazy but I feel blaming the pot is short minded.

The fact is most people don't have tons of motivation, only a small % of the population has true drive and passion to create their own future. If a person didn't choose to be lazy with pot, they would of been lazy with something else. A lazy or unmotivated will find a way to waste time, pot smoke or otherwise.

It's not that time in short, it's that fact we waste so much time.

This video jumps into my creative goals for 2019 & looks back at my achievements for the year 2018.

This was a huge year for me because it was my first year using blockchain based technology and getting into crypto. I entered blockchain based social media from the content creators angle and knew NOTHING about crypto before entering the space. It was a awesome year, learning new technology and gaining new support.

I can't express how lucky I feel to have found the technology so early in it's lifespan. I feel we're just now entering the start of the blockchain era $ the early adopters have a chance for high rewards in the future. Giving support to new projects and ideas.

Beyond blockchain support I worked on enhancing my audio and video quality over the last year. I plan to advance my video even further with new lens and smart drone. Expect to see huge video leaps this year on my content.

I released 3 EP's this year to learn my slimmed down setup and prepare for my upcoming full release later this year. I plan to take everything I learned this year from my EP's and put it all into one big, polished release. I hope this release will have a cd and merchandise.

This should be a huge year for my music,content and independence. I need to thank ANYONE who has supported my word on so far, it;s been a life changing year. Feel free to share your goals and achievements in the comments below, I love hearing about your creative stories.

Till next time, stay creative


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It is awesome like I said hearing anyone striving for freedom, This is one thing I hope for my self this year is that freedom. I plan to work my ass off this year bank it and go buy some land and start my off grid future 😀


Glad you're working towards independence too ! That sounds like a solid plan my good friend, I'm sure you'll make it work out. Getting land off the grid is always smart inmy book =)

It's awesome that you are achieving your goals and creating new goals for the future, I wish you luck on all your endeavors mate. I'm not really that goal setting type of person, but I guess my main goal is working to be completely independent in all aspects. Probably something similar to @skylinebuds off grid lifestyle, with some passive income streams. Bong on bro. :-)


I never really set huge goals for myself till recent years, it's most def helping to push my content and art forward. I really should start doing daily " to do " creative list. Striving to be independent is always a good goal, working for the man sucks balls

I'm glad that you've been able to accomplish as much as you did in 2018, I hope 2019 is even better for you!
As for me, I plan on getting more of my music recorded and onto my soundcloud page. I look forward to seeing where it goes from there.


Nice ! I hope to hit all those goals by end of this year, time will tell how go I do. I'm sure you'll have a very productive year with music. I've got a gut feeling 2019/2020 will be a big for many users.

Don’t stand still and bring us those #smoketunes. Be not merely an early adopter but an early trailblazer too! 🦇

Personally, I’m not that creative but like every year I will continue to write, write always more, and hopefully further improve my skills. Which also comes with lots of reading, with tunes in the background.


When you write that's creative in my eyes, it's most def a talent. Glad we've got people like you on this project. You bring a lot to the table. Yes, trailblazing is always fun =)

Wow. Im happy for you. You year sounds amazing. For me this was also the first I had anything to do with crypto personally and a lot of my dreams are slowly coming true and things are falling into place. Being in the video production myself I have advance my editing skills a far leap this year so I cant wait to see this year.
I cant wait to hear more of your music. I wish you much luck and good weed for this upcoming year.