New Synth, New Buds & General Update

7 months ago


Hello my fellow potheads & blockheads,

It's been a bit since my last post, I've been a bit touch/go here on the blockchain since the holiday. First it was family issues, then I needed a small break from content creation. Now I've been focusing HEAVY on my You Tube growth, which has taken up a lot of my time over the last month.

I'll be 100% honest and admit I put WAY to much energy and "exclusive" content into Steemit and lost a lot of my momentum on You Tube. This last month I've put all my extra time and energy into trying to reclaim that momentum, I feel I'm doing a good job.

Screenshot (91).png

I passed 1 million views just over a month ago which made me rethink how Steemit took over the last year of my life. Getting that 1 million views on You Tube took 2 years, that's with 1 year being dedicated to Steemit. Within this last month I've got over 100,000 views, 1/10 to another million. I'm gaining ground fast and I'm happy with my current growth, I regret letting it slip at all but no use living in the past.

Beyond dedicating all of my free time to reclaiming my You Tube, I got a new stash of smoke and a awesome new synthesizer.

The smoke is pure fire but I never got a strain from my friend. It was a street sale, not from a 21_ legal shop. He was busy so it was a "drop and go" situation but it smells great, smokes awesome and gets me lit as fuck !


My favorite things to go with a fresh bag of weed is a new synthesizer and I recently picked up a Waldorf Blofeld. This German made synthesizer is built like a tank, I imagine most things in Germany are built like tanks, LOL. Sturdy metal casing and knobs all feel very solid and the synthesizer just sounds amazing.

I've always loved German synthesis companies, it's a part of world that's been heavy into synth based music for a long time. Germans tend to have very high production standards and build quality in their synths. it's been 10 years since I've owned my last Waldorf synthesizer and I'm amped to have one back in my studio.

Below is a link to my latest little spaced out, drone/ambient style jam. I recorded the day after getting my new Waldorf Blofeld, hope you enjoy.

As always thank you for all the support within the and sorry for my time away from the project. I've still got all the passion in the world for this blockchain and will try to post as often as possible my good friends.

Till next time, keep smoking



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I'm glad things are moving in the right direction for you mate, it's always good to have you back. Bong on bro. :-)


Always good to be here my friend ! =)

Be careful with Youtube. I have over 2 Million views and 4,000 subs with 1,000 videos. One day out of the blue a few weeks ago they sent me an email saying I was being demonetized. No explanation. .... lost $100/ month just like that.


I'm pretty sure I'll be all good my friend. Not sure what content you made but I make consumer driven synth stuff, I don't see YT ever touching my channel


That sucks tho, what was your channel content ?


Pretty Eclectic .... Started off mostly Offgrid, solar, gardening, travel .... and then I started to post cannabis stuff and it got demonetized within a few days. Oh well ....


Ahhh, ok. Yea, I play YT very safe. I use blockchain for all my more risky stuff


Well good news, this place is the fucking perfect place for you =)

Sounds unbelievable. Are those presets on the synth?


I built both the sounds =)


Fuck that's too good broo!! Subbed to your YT channel

Always good to get the occasional sign of existence. :D

Have you already found somebody providing “package deals”? Buy a synth, get a bag of weed?


2 for 1 baby ! A synth company that gav eyou a sack with the sale would be epic