My Fellow Potheads & Blockheads, I Missed You !

8 months ago


It's been way to long since my last blog but life has just been a roller coaster the last few months. I honestly worked so hard on blockchain based social media content the last year, many other aspects of my life kinda fell to the back burner. The last few months has been me catching up with the rest of my life. is marching strong and the market is showing signs of life for the first time in over a year. I don't want to be a moon boy and say " WE'RE GOING TO THE MOON ! ", we're far from out of the woods. Overall the momentum on Bitcoin is something to happy about tho, it's been awhile since we've seen a good up swing in the market.

The streets have been red with the blood from crypto heads for over a year now, so this is a must needed market trend. has been killing it in a bear market and I feel it could survive a longer than most systems in a low trend but I feel everyone is ready for a break from this downward roller coaster.

The natural voting, interactions and natural support is growing daily on this system and that's something that should make everyone proud. is the only blockchain based social media project that comes to mind that has turned this concept into a reality. Other projects tried, failed and are now trying to pick up the pieces. creators had a clear goal and made a perfect product and have found the best users within the blockchain space.


This combo of amazing users, dedicated devs and natural support has turned into the atom bomb of the blockchain social media space. This project is going to EXPLODE during the next bull market and I've got faith it'll hold the core values that have made this project so great.

I feel other projects got cocky and lost sight of their main goals as a platform. seems to be on a better road. The interactions on this system already rival common, everyday social media. This is a huge part of what makes stand out from other systems.

Now is the perfect time for a project like Blockchain based sites are brand new and the world of cannabis and legalization is changing faster than every before in human history. is needed now and has come along at the perfect time. The mixture of blockchain based security with cannabis based post is the life changing combo.

The world is waking up from the dark ages of cannabis and can help fund brand new cannabis related projects, concepts, art, music and users. The blockchain based system gives people a sense of security not found on common social media like Facebook. Cannabis and blockchain really is the perfect combo.


I'm amped to be part of this system so early and I'm honored to have the momentum and Smoke Power I've already got within Everyone here has been amazing and I can't thank you all enough for the life changing support. Let's all keep pushing forward !

I'll be back to daily blogs here on, I might even pump out a few double post to make up for lost time.

Till next time, stay creative



#smoke #smokenetwork

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Welcome back, mate! Looking forward to see new posts by yourself again. 🦇

We all know, and hate it when, sometimes that weird real life thingamingy needs our attention.

Just one tip: if you can find a consistent pace you can easily maintain, day after day. No need to “rush back and make up” if that puts yourself under stress and then you have at some point days without inspiration.
Besides, most of us are limited to 10 votes/day anyway. Toke on.


They limited number of votes ? I guess I missed a few updates, lol. I'll go at my pace for sure but should be on a more normal posting routine. I understand what you mean about not always wanting to write, it's not good to force it. =)


No, that’s not new. You can still vote as often as you want but your voting power recharges only 10 [full] votes every day.


That’s same as always was on Steem. Votes come at a cost, otherwise people could just upvote as often as they wanted and truly drain the pool then.


Ahhh ok ! Makes sense, that's a number I didn't know so thank you for sharing that little tip

Welcome back bro, good to see you again, I hope you got everything sorted out. How's the music coming along? Bong on bro. :-)


Good to see you my friend !

But its so much fun to be a moon boy!


LOL, the best =)

Welcome back from your hiatus. I can't wait to see more though. Bongs are the best man!