My Bong !! I Broke Bob ...

5 months ago


Well, it's been awhile since I've posted on and my entry back into the space is one of sadness and peril.

Every stoner has one of these sad days when you deal with glass. It's almost a reflection of real life and how fragile we all are with our humanity. Bongs can just break out of nowhere for no reason. OK, fine ! There was a reason, I was blitzed as hell and became pants of head stupid. Knocking my bong over in one tragic swoop.

It was like a crime scene. My bong lied lifeless on the floor, it's body broken and inner fluids spilling into small puddles around it's dead body. I thought to myself, how did it come to this ? How did it get this bad ? How will I go on from this moment without Bob.

A lifetime of memories rushed my head and thoughts of sunny days, ripping phat green rips from bob in just my socks while eating chunky peanut butter, Bob made those days possible. Will it be possible for me to reach these highs again without Bob in my life ?

Separation and change is never easy, it makes you step back and analyze the times you had and took for granted. Some days I just hit Bob all day and never took the time to appreciate him at all, he was just a piece in the corner. Now he's gone and I'll never get to say those things I always wanted to say. Maybe I'll see Bob again in my the thick pot smoke up in the sky but I know Bob is happy and in a better place.


The saddest part is I've missed out on all the future memories me and Bob had planned. No late night smoke sesh, no early morning wake and bake and worst of all. No Bob.

Time hopefully will heal my pain and I'll regain the ability to become social. Once that day comes, I know a new Bob is waiting for me, we live in a ocean on Bob's and Bongs. You can't spend your whole life crying over spilled bongs.

Till next time, keep smoking



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He must be on cloud 19 now 😊


You know it broskies ! Was fun writing this little story , glad you enjoyed it. =)

Nice flow to the words and i like the marley theme.


Glad you enjoyed it my friend =)


: )