I'm back & stoned! It's good to be back on Smoke.io

9 months ago


I've been away from my favorite blockchain project for almost 30 days but it was needed because of life and other projects. I started a new job after my previous employer closed and stopped paying us a few weeks before the doors locked. It was kinda shitty situation and made the last month very stressful. I had to dig up funds for bills, work on getting the paper work to get paid and look for a new job. This drama left very little time for my blockchain projects.

I've been pushing VERY hard on You Tube,trying to get my monthly payouts past 100$ and I smashed that goal right about when the job went south. I didn't want to lose the momentum so I kept posting a video everyday to You Tube, keeping that monthly payout rising but it took a lot of the time I had which could of been used to post on Smoke.io.

I feel it was a smart move because I've got my monthly You Tube payout to almost 130$,got a new job,paid all my bills and can now post on Smoke.io too. All the dark clouds are in the past and it's nothing but pot clouds in the future.

I've released a few new songs since I've last posted on Smoke.io,I'll share one of my latest songs right now. Hope you guys enjoy the music.

I'll be active again within the Smoke.io space now that the dark days are over. Thank you to everyone who hasn't smoked so many dabs they forget who the hell I am in the first place.Well, that would be some killer dabs.

Till next time,keep smoking



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Welcome back bro. I finally got my YouTube account re- monetized after they shut me down.... I’m up to $33 / month .... I wish I could get back to $100/mo. .... I started posting all my videos over on HideoutTV and earning $300/ month already. You should sign up. Here is my Referral Link if you want .... they are looking for original musicians https://hideout.tv/viewerSignup.php?refer=100525


You shared that on my You Tube. I need to test the waters


Is it based off ads/views ?


Yes... I posted a few videos. People earn Crypto for watching the videos (that run short Ads between the videos - mostly car ads) so you get a ton of views. I’m over 2 Million views in 1 month.

welcome back man 👋


Good to be back broskies. Hope you've been doing good !

The “I’m back” post is becoming a regular feature. :D

Welcome back, mate 🤘


Good to see you broskies ! Life was just cray cray

Good to hear from you again bro..... welcome back !


Small break was needed, thank you man. Good to be back