I'm Back & Smashed 10,000 Smoke Power ~

10 months ago

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Hello my fellow potheads and blockheads,

It's been awhile since my last post but I'm back in FULL swing on my favorite new blockchain project. The holidays and family issues took a few weeks of my life, then I decided to just take a little break from blogs overall. I found taking a break from things stops burn out in the long run.

The break from writing allowed extra time on music so I'll have some goodies to share over the next few weeks to the blockchain. I can't wait to jump back into daily posting and start stacking that Smoke Power towards 50K +.

I love seeing all the new name and profiles on trending, the support is still very strong on the Smoke.io project and it feels like we're spreading the base support to a lot of members. Other projects didn't do so well in this part of development, I feel this is setting up Smoke.io for a stable future.

The trending section in Smoke.io is by far the BEST I've seen on ANY project of it's kind. This project is a perfect example of how voting and support is suppose to work on a project of this nature. Supporting everything from vlogs/blogs to he villages in corners of the world that need support. This is why I entered the blockchain space and Smoke.io is thriving while many other projects are still trying to find their way.

I've been voting during my break, making sure to make use of the Smoke Power I've stacked up so far. I noticed that even during a crushing bear market Smoke.io is thriving with life, interaction and support. Everyone should be proud of the system they are helping build here on Smoke.io and appreciate the fact we found this place so early in development.


This project has supported my blogs, stoned rants & weed talk, original music, stoner video game reviews and various other topics. I love how open Smoke.io is but still stays true to it's roots and keeps the core concept about the cannabis based lifestyle.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my work at all, it means the world to me and I couldn't of made it to 10,000 Smoke Power without your help. The support on Smoke.io keeps users coming back and the natural interaction rivals any large corporate based social media site.

Lets keep thing bong packed tight for 2019 my friends, this project has just started smoking.

Till next time, keep smoking.

  • Todd

#smoke #smokenetwork

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Hey man congarts on hitting 10K smoke power 💪 You are right, taking a break from things helps to clear your mind and recharge your battery.
Onwards to 50K! ^^


100% broskies, burn out is real even on passion projects. =)

Glad to have you back, congrats on your 11k sp. You will be getting a slider soon, see you there.


I'm glad to be back on Smoke.io and that bar will be very helpful. Hope you've been good.

Hey, welcome back.... keep your blogs rolling here and Keep puffin´ for a high!


Good to be back my friend , thank you very much. =)

Shit! Congratz! I gotta do my 10k smoke power post! It came and went I hardly noticed cuz I been sick


Killing it my friend ! Gratz on the 10K , glad you're still using the platform on the daily =)

Nice nugs. And welcome back. Let’s keep this party going now. 🦇


Keep the party smokey baby ! Good to be back my friend, hope you've been good.

Hey man. Welcome back. I did not E that I didn't see your posts for a while. Was it that long already? Time sure flies when you are part of this buzzing community. For me smoke has become a second home and family.

Also congrats on hitting such a milestone.

Welcome back. Glad you are here. Smash 11k!


Thank you , will do my friend. Glad you see you again. =)

congratulations for 10k :) and welcome back =))


Love this place, great to be back. Thank you very much my friend.

Wicked man!!!


Killing it ! Love this platform

10k today
100k tomorrow
Good shit man


You know this son !! =)

Congrats. 20k in no time. See you there...

Hey man, welcome back. I am new here on Smoke.io


Welcome to smoke network, looking forward for your intro post👍


Glad you found Smoke.io my friend !! =)

Looking forward to the music you have been able to create during your away time. Congratulations on reaching the 10k milestone!

Great to see you smash through the 10 grand mate, good for you. 50,000 here we come, bong on bro. :-)

Welcome back and congratulations! #teamsmokeio