Freedom To Smoke !

3 months ago


Cannabis has been in the dark ages in many parts of the world when it comes to laws and punishment. Parts of world are starting to turn around, you've seen legalization spread in ways I never thought was possible and I'm happy to see that evolution. That doesn't change the fact most of the world still holds cannabis as a illegal drug and all the people who lost their lives in the past to unrealistic laws.

I live in America and we've seen a Cananbis revolution in the states over the last few years. It seems like everyday you read about a new State thinking about 21+ pot shops and dropping the laws of the past. Before the change you could lose your job, car, get locked up then lose your entire life over a plant and a personal choice which harms nobody else in the process. Many people are still effected today by these outdated, mindless laws which lock countless innocent people up each year.


Projects like give all potheads a "safe place" to interact and share their passions on a secure blockchain system. Beyond just a place to share our passions, can fund Cannabis based projects, initiatives and even help people out of legal issues with insane Cannabis based laws. is a powerful tool for the Cannabis community, blockchain space and will help many people/projects around the world.

I feel very lucky to be one of the first people on the blockchain. I could tell right away this project had the potential to support Cannabis and blockchain based projects while giving a new place for people with similar passions a place to interact. has growth a lot since the first day and I see nothing but growth in the future.


I hope more places change and old laws change, we've been getting our lives taken away for decades and it's time for the dark ages of Cannabis to end.

Till next time, keep smoking



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