Bong Rips, PBR, Witcher 3 & Pushing into 2019

5 months ago


: Bong Rips, PBR & Witcher 3 :

Kicking off the new year in style with fat bong rips, PBR & Witcher 3. Getting stoned out of my mind and playing videos games is in my top 3 hobbies of all time. I'm not a huge drinker but I do like 1/2 beers with my smoke sometimes, gives a little extra buzz. I can't drink to heavy or I'll pass out tho, I'm kinda a light weight in that sense.

I got around to cleaning my bong a few days ago, nothing is better than clean bong rips. I love bongs but my god they get filthy fast. the older I get the more resin pisses me off, I hate dealing with it. Dirty, sticky, stinky, nasty freaking resin. It's the bane of a pot smokers life.

You know that they say, a clean bong is a happy bong !

When Bob is clean and ripping like a champion, life is good. I scored the bong for only 30$ on sale 4/20 sale and I feel it was a complete steal. The initial bowl head was garbage fire but I just spent a few bucks for a better piece and it made a complete bong for 35$, unreal deal.

I'm a huge fan of role playing games, they are my favorite style of video game. Witcher 3 and getting stoned might be one of the best RPG experiences of my life time. The world is dark, violent and unforgiving. CD Project Red is turning into one of the best single player developers around and I feel the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 will be the game to set that in stone.

Bethesda has been the role playing game king in the video game field for awhile but I feel CD Project Red will be giving them a run for the money in the upcoming years.


: Pushing into 2019 : moves into 2019 and has become my overall favorite blockchain project. It's been a unreal 2018 and the support within has blown my mind. Everyone within this project should be proud of the work they did in 2018 and push that momentum into the next year. The evolution this project has made in a limited time is very impressive and shows no sign of stopping at all.

The amount of new content creators, witnesses and over all users within the platform is growing while the support keeps spreading. The 50/50 split with a simple one coin ( no SBD ) system was the smartest move CEO's could of made on day one. I feel this is helping create a system which is spreading the foundation of the payouts in a healthy way, all 100% organic with ZERO bid bots.


Keeping clean and pure, just like the nuggets we love to smoke. Should be our main goal within the system beyond any other goal. This is 100% my opinion but I feel growth is important but having a healthy system within that growth is by far the most important aspect and one thing other systems didn't do correctly.

Bid bots destroy a systems core and creates a hollow, empty shell in it's place. We've got something special going on here within and we've got to fight our hardest to keep it. The core aspect of is us, the people that use and develop the platform . We need to take charge and keep this ship sailing the right direction into 2019 !

I need to thank everyone for the amazing 2018 on, I'm so happy this project came into the blockchain space. It was honestly perfect timing because I was having frustrations with other systems. The wave of fresh pot smoke that brought into the room smelt amazing and was needed.

I'll do my best to give exclusive content daily and use my power to give back using the power of this system. I always vote 100% on any comment left within my page that isn't pure spam and always try to curate content daily. I can't express how grateful I am for the chance this platform have given me and won't take it for granted.

Till next time, keep smoking



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Witcher 3 is a great way to kick off 2019!

Yeah it’s difficult not to get excited by smoke’s potential. 2019 may get awesome. Bear or no bear, this project is well positioned.


Loving the game so far, beat the first 2. Amped for 2019 on SMOKE !!!


Witcher is always the perfect solution to stay busy during those years in between TES releases. :D

That's quite a setup you've got going on there bud. When I look at a dirty bong I think it better all that crap is trapped and not in the lungs! Let's hope this year is a great year and I agree that is something special mate. Bong on bro. :-)

Gear of Wars Sticker on the Battlefield Xbox??? I've been playing Shadow Warrior 2.