Almost Lost My Password, You Damn Stoner !

3 months ago



I was buck naked, in the shower washing all my stinky parts when it hit me like a ten ton truck. I was pretty sure I deleted my password while I was taking a break from the platform. I had it saved in my iCloud and planned to make a text file & usb flash drive version but never got around to it, damn stoner. Then I recall doing a complete trash of my old iCloud files a few weeks ago, not thinking at all about the password and the fact it needs to be saved.

I get to my PC and check iCloud and my local text files. No password to be found, my heart kinda dropped. Then it hit me, browser password auto save. I normally don't auto save my crypto based platforms into my browser, I feel it could increase my risk of losing the account. I'm glad I messed up and broke my golden rule this one time.


I thought to myself " I logged in yesterday, my password must be saved! ", lucky for me the password was still in the system. If I did a CCleaner run and wiped my passwords, all my work within would of been lost forever !

I love this project and would of made a new account but I would of felt back for the 10,000 smoke power that would be untouchable for the platform. SAVE YOU PASSWORDS IN SAFE PLACES, multiple places. I've got my password saved in 4 varies locations and I'm very happy to still have access to this account.

I can't thank you guys enough for all the support you've shown me in the space, I'll be back to my daily posting.

Till next time, keep smoking

  • Todd


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Back that shit up in many many places some even sayit should be buried for full safety


Yes, it's back up in MULTI places now. It was a scary moment !

I once lost the password to a wallet with more than 3btc in it. This was back in the early days of crypto, but it still thought me the importance of keeping backups of your keys, wallet files & passwords. Happy to have you back here with us @bongripper427! 😁


Damn, yes. Very important my friend !

we should not store our passwords on 1 place


Smart words =)

close one 😱


It would of been a sad day for this stoner !! =)

Shit man that was a close call. I still remember the stories of people losing hundreds and sometimes thousands of bitcoins like that. Glad it's OK bong on bro.


Good to see you broskies ! It was a scary as FUCK ! Bong on broskies.

OMG, Ive lost so many bitcoin accounts and password from this kind of stuff! Same here, one day it dawned on me I had lost my steemit too, but luckily I had backed it up! I had a close call just as recently as registering hightimes here, my mac crashed & shutdown on the password backup page!! Luckily I had taken an actual picture of the key a split second before the crash, with my iphone, because I recovered it that way! Weird coincidence, or not, i knew to snapshot the screen because it happened to me with bitcoin, I learned my lesson! @hightines was lost 42 seconds after creation, lol!

Losing 10,000 would have been no joke! Luckily you learned the lesson without it getting costly.


Would of been a BAD JOKE bro ! I have it saved in multi places now =)