I Need To Survive Until Wednesday

3 months ago
  • Holla smokers!!!Here is 1g and I need to survive with that one whole day, it will be a real challenge. Wish me luck.jaje.jpgjaje2.jpg
    Good night and stay high smokers:


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Shit I wouldn't be able to do it and would be so panicky, because it means I would be in severe pain before long. Though I do have a healthy Roach collection, for those hard times.


My anxiety would be through the roof.


Mine actually is, I am low on supplies and the fact I could run out because of a bust and all my contacts are waiting. I am actually near full on panic.

I would just roll a blunt and smoke it throughout the day. I hope you make it through.

Pinch at a time fellow toker!


It's getting pretty good. I see u understand my problem. :)