Friday Chill

last year

Friday Chill with my homie. He was in Poland for New Year and he returned home today. I roll this big one for his welcoming. I never been in Poland so I cnt wait to hear his stories.


Smoke, get Paid and Repeat.


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Blazin'! ☁️☁️☁️


100% handmade🙂, thnx

That would be what we call in my circle.. A fatty. ;P
We love to roll up a few of those and toss em in rotation!


Now That's A Joint!


I put 2g

Chill, indeed!

What strain is it? It looks to be very deep dark purple? Am I seeing that right? Or is it just the lighting?


I wish It's some Purple Haze or something like that haha. It's some Albanian Street hybrid.