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3 months ago

DOG's of BIF


Most of our members grow using a similar method .
Keep an eye out for our Grow Guide Coming Soon !

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The Cannabis K9 Squad .... I wonder if you could train a dog to know the perfect harvest time by smell?

My late Meesha was boss at sniffing out plants. Made for easy gorilla grows never needing to remember how to get back to them 😉

Edit: Cann9Bliss Squad?

Aww the pittie looking staffie baby looks like he/she loves the plants and is looking after them. It's so precious! <3 I love them, but hate the stigma attached to them. Such loveable nanny dogs! :)

Beautiful dogs 💚 You train them to protect your cannabis grow 😅😁💚

The canna dogs 😍


ahah, great one 😁

Awwww .....