last year

Quick update. I've been planning to homestead on raw land for some time now. And I finally made that leap. I moved out of my two bedroom apartment in California and moved to Southern Oregon. In the process my awesome plants had to go. I didn't have room for them in my jeep. I added some photos still. I'll sad cause one of my #autoflowers became a beast and pretty much took over my #grow tent. Sorry to @canna-curate I was looking forward to harvesting my solo cup too. If anyone is in Southern Oregon hit me up.

Before I left the plants that I couldn't finish. Was blown away to see an autoflower get that big. The tent is 4-6 feet wide and it almost took it over.

As always check out @canna-curate I just checked out the @hashkings game and they came a long way. #canna-curate

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Looks much better than the old one!!


The welcome sign lol

How was moving home from cali to oregon? Did you have to haul a lot in a moving van?


End up putting a lot in storage but should have sold most of it

I love southern Oregon.. I spent a summer in Takilma on a outdoor grow. They're getting about 10 lbs / plant in that region


Nice. Cant wait to start this year sungrow