Analogue Life Picks Up As The Digital Goes Sleeps For A Bit

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9 months ago


It has been a while since I have posted and it is likely to be a while yet until I am back posting regularly. I have been wanting to let anyone who might be interested know why this is so - hence this post.

Basically, my life is changing in ways that mean I will not have easy access to the internet nor the time to post regularly. I have no intention of absconding or cashing out :).

Instead, my account is going to go to sleep!

Details of the Slumber:

I have quit my job and accommodation and will be leaving the UK for Portugal in a few weeks. Over there I will be volunteering in various communities, learning, working on the land and living in a tent. I have blogged about this on Steem in more detail and you are welcome to read about it here.

Although I don't anticipate having time to blog much, Cannabis is pretty freely available in Portugal and therefore if able, I may share some of my experiences of scoring or bartering for weed and getting stoned.

I don't know how long I will be away but I will continue to check in on the Smoke blockchain every now and then.

So it's kinda Bye4Now:

I wish all of you the very best. I send out hugs and warm wishes to all those whom I have got to know and interact with, as well as those who have so consistently and generously supported my content.

Long Live the Blockchain Revolution!



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Good luck with the adventure. Maybe some porn nug pic drops in feed, hope so. Maybe we even meet there. We plan on going. You'd be second smoker I've met then.


Ha ha, thanks........I'm not taking my camera with me though, coz it's just TMH when living in a tent and with processing time on a small laptop screen as opposed to dual monitor :). I'll be moving around, mainly in the South I think - maybe see you there, that'd be interesting!!

Good luck on your ventures! Stay safe, stay high!


Thank you 🙏 ..... I will indeed and I hope to be able to :D

Have a blast, mate! Enjoy the land of decriminalization. :D


Thanks my friend, it is indeed the land that is closest to that huh? - at least in Europe. I've heard recently that the Portugest govt. stated they would not be taxing crypto assets. It'll be interesting to see what gives on the ground where minds are likely to be more open.

Install smoke on your phone so we're not far away if you get bored 👍

I hope you have fun on your trip to Portugal :)


Thanks Indica :D

I have installed smoke on my phone but my mobile provider (giffgaff) doesn't allow access without 'verifying' my age via ID etc. Where there's wifi it'll be ok, but that's not likely in the rural hippy commune hangouts where I'm going lol.

All the best with your projects. The global space is being made ready for a crypto take-off and I'll see what word I can spread amongst those who are already on the edge of or outside society at large.

Thanks for all your support and all you have done for the b/chain!

🙏 👊 🤗