[SMOKE]By atimkaranezi93

last year


Yooo brothers! What's up? This time I bought new bag. Great one aggain! ✌🙃

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Puff puff pass!

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Looks good! I'm guessing this is from a friend, not a shop? :P Either way it looks like some killer bud!


Also, completely unrelated.... but your "TM23" thing on your name makes me think of TMs from Pokemon. :P Random but that's just my first thought after seeing it lol


Hahaha understand 😂 You know, a lot of friends is calling me Tima, so i wrote there TM23 ✌️ Thank you for your comments! Cheers! STAY HIGH!


Yeah, this is street bought weed, you know, here in Serbia weed is strictly illegal so it's hard to find something like this. But, there is a way always 😄

  ·  last year

Enjoy your beer and smoke my friend .


Thank you my bro! 😄

looks good!


Yup! Great quality bro 🙃