[SMOKE]by atimkaranezi93

last year


Hello guys! How you doing during this #Covid19? Considering the measures taken by the state, we are in a quarantine this weekend. And what better way to overcome this difficult period than smoking weed. So, I enjoy my home with one of my best friend Mary. Have a great Sunday and STAY HIGH!

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Puff puff pass!

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Keep on smoking bro and Happy Easter!


Thank you bro! Happy Easter too and SMOKE ON! ✌️🙃

  ·  last year

: )

sounds good to me haha

Stay safe man 👍


Im safe bro, just smoking and enjoying, what to do... 😀 Happy Easter ✌️

I do hope more people will wise up and stay home, if not things will only get worse quicker 😉

Stay high 😆 aka home and safe


Yup, waiting for good news about #Covid19... STAY HIGH and STAY safe ✌️