[SMOKE]by @atimkaranezi93

2 months ago


What's up "Smokers"! How are you? I'm chillin' with my fella and capture some interesting photos. This is one of them... Where are you blazin' this Friday? SMOK3 ON and STAY HIGH! See Ya Soon! @atimkaranezi93

Smoke, get Paid and Repeat! Comment and follow @atimkaranezi93!

Puff puff pass!

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I just had my 4:20 smoke in my back porch on this rainy afternoon. Have a good one.


Great buddy, 3njoy! Thank you! 😊

Hi buddy! Enjoy!


Thank you! You too! 👌

Might sneak out for a cheeky vape, you smoking on a balcony? Nice one 👍


Nice bro! We were smoking in the room, but looks like a balcony... Thank you, SMOK3 ON! 😎