[SMOK3]by @atimkaranezi93

3 months ago


Yooo dear "Smokers"! What's up? How are you this weekend? Here in Belgrade is the spring time, so today I enjoyed the sun and water, as you can see. I was barely waiting to end the winter that this year was quite merciless. Nice weather and sun just keeps people from home. That's the case in my case. Today, after lunch, I decided to go to the Danube bank and enjoy the joint. Real enjoyment! 😎🌞 SMOK3 ON and STAY HIGH! See Ya Soon! @atimkaranezi93

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Puff puff pass!

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Did you smoke the euro note? Haha 😜


Shoe paper, bible, cigarette boz when squeezed through hands...you name it.

But wouldn't be surprised if he did roll in it, though....


@indica Yes sure bro, I think i posted once here 😅