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last year


Yooo fellas! Greetings from Belgrade! Tonight a friend surprised me with this beauty. Fantastic strain, enjoyment is smoking. Given that our country has strict laws, it is difficult to find something like this. Thanks bro for the gift! Enjoy the day fellas and STAY HIGH!

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Puff puff pass!

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It's always unfortunate when a country's laws don't reflect all of it's people's beliefs. Although, that probably truly isn't possible when we live in society, because what is considered "crazy" to one person, is totally "sane" to another. I guess we just do the best we can eh? Best of wishes to you for the new year, maybe things will change in your country. Who knows!


Happy New Year! 🙃 I hope something will change but I'm not optimistic, but yes, who knows...

Better than better than nothing. :) Make sense? Haha.
If it was alright it'd be better than nothing, this is better than that. :D

Nice. Happy new year. Looks like fun.


Thank you mate! Happy New Year, all the best in 2020! ✌️


Hit me up if you need some smoke. Got top shelf . text or.whatsapp +1 281 968 8186

Looks very nice🙂