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Hello guys! How you spend your time in quarantine. The situation is difficult but somehow we need to reduce the panic and devote ourselves to some nice things. Enjoying with friends is one way.

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Puff puff pass!

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Myself getting bored, still 7 days to go. Hope the situation will be normal.

Enjoy the smoke bro!!


Yupp, it's bored, just this atmosphere... Panic situation... We need to stay with clear mind and enjoy reading or working something, there are many ways, thats good 🙃


No end in sight here, best estimate was 12-18 months for a vaccine :/


I think so, something big coming out soon... I think this wont end soon 😐

I am the lucky one who gets to bring everyone in quarantine their needed supplies 😅 been a very profitable quarantine for me 🤑 people are fear tipping I think...


Hahaha something like that and here... I got my supplies few weeks ago, its much easier to handle on this situation with our plant 🌱

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Smoke 2 joints in the morning.
Smoke 2 joints at night.

(marley lyrics)


Exactly that 👌😂