About finantial independance, how and why I ruined it for myself

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This is in fact an answer to wittywheat, and this will also explained to you why I am personally so giving and inclined to reward all the people who have no real life financial resource but an online work CAN make a huge difference for them because they live in a low pay economies.

Sure, all that stands, but till now I was the main care giver to my daughter as I have no family to assist me if I even want to go to work, plus a salary from the jobs I could get was always too low to pay for the nanny or a kindergarten ( husband already pays rent and bills and works pretty much the whole day).
Once upon a time when my daughter was 4-5 I asked my mother to take care of her because I managed to find a very well paid job, which would require me to leave home and work on the ship. She quite frankly told me she is not going to help me, serve my child and my man while I enjoy myself and that she doesn't give a fuck about the money I will earn.
So, because at the time momentarily we were living with my parents, who were leaching us for an every cent, I started to work in a local coffee shop for petty salary and frequently when I would come home I would find my daughter without any supervision, outside in the yard alone or whatever. I worked only a month and we soon moved out because my parents were hostile, spent too much money and unreliable. Other than that I worked one more job, for 3 months on 3 hours per day while my kid was in school. So, in general I stayed home and worked online instead.
Now when I finally saw her growing to be semi-independent ( to go to nearby school or something simple like that on her own so we can sync our schedules in case I go for a job) my daughter fell seriously ill and has to be under a constant care because she is way too young to deal with this on her own. She is 10. I can't even think of anything until she is minor, or I will have to answer to the social service. We asked help in the past from the social care and in the last 2 years I could get it only if our total salary is under minimum ( which is), plus if I actively searched for a job in duration of 3 months and couldn't get it.
Now, I can't do that either.I have to measure an each meal she eats and what she eats in it in advance, measure blood sugar levels, insulin dosages, monitor her pretty much the whole day. She will restart school in Monday, it will be a circus...
I have no idea how long will she rely on my care but once she becomes self reliant, I will be "too old" for any "real life" job. My husbands salary covers only our rent, bills and food. We have no savings because we were always living on the brink of the bankruptcy and no matter how much we work or spare we can't change it.
So, I could only worked online and in my country what I earn online is considered peanuts, it doesn't guarantee any financial independence and I doubt I will ever have it, alone or with my partner in pair.
I can try, same as I am doing for the last 8 years without much result, but I think I will either ruin my health or kill myself trying.

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Maybe sale stuff on eBay. I buy and resell costume jewerly and make diaper cakes to sell on eBay. Find something you know and you can turn it into some extra real money. Good luck on reaching your goals.