Taking hard decisions the easy way

2 months ago

Hi! smokers

andrea 2.jpg

My cute little pineapple baby j to make my decision more clear of leaving my current job and switching to the next.

Though my deepest desire is to sell fancy bongs. 😉

andrea 1.jpg

Had planted this baby seed, not the first one but the very first that lasted so long. Not a grower but just curious to see if it's a female.

Goodmorning and Have a nice day! 🔥

#maryjane #smoke #sprout #cannabis

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got a light for the seedling? bag seed?


Nope, just a random one.

A puff always helps 😊


Sure it does 😍


hihi 😊

I find the "fancy bongs "business idea interesting . Keep following that dream ...i.m.o


Me too 😍💚


I will try to 😃

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