My wife and I bought a gift for our beloved hamster daughter, It is very cool ..

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6 months ago

Hi guys, I haven’t written anything here for a long time. I'm glad I'm here with you again. I want to share with you 

one of my little stories that relate to little hamsters 3 days ago. My wife Let's go for a walk with my daughter 

together, and my little daughter saw a beloved parrot and many different animals from the street, and she asked 

her mother to go to this store, and the hamster, whom she asked to buy her. But then my wife had no money at the 

moment, and then my wife told me that I wanted a hamster about my daughter, and today we went to this store 

and bought this little hamster and brought it to our daughter as a gift was very happy and played with her all day, 

did not even take this little hamster and played with her until the evening and, of course, she called the name of 

this hamster with the name Juju haha, very cool, when I see such a happy day in a good mood, when she is 


also very happy about this moment. 

Thank you all for your attention.


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You love cannabis, but you wrote about hamster!
Usually I did not upsmoke same this post, I upsmoke only the posts related to Cannabis, but as I love your hamster, your post was upsmoked.
I hope that your hamster start to love Cannabis also !!


Wish you a great sunday beside your family.


I do not know yet whether my hamster loves or not cannabis, but I know that he is a very cool dude. Thank you


I did not love hamsters but as I love your image, your comment was upsmoked.

aha she is so pretty!


Thank you friend