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8 months ago

Hello dear friends! Today I repeated the photo of one person, the repeat is a good amount of the medicinal plant oils left on my fingers after processing the medicinal plant. Make sure yourself.


As you know, I recently trimmed a medicinal plant and I had delicious dry buds, they smell good, this is my cure for many ailments.

I like to play with it after grinding the medicinal plant, watch how the grass moves from its stickiness, rolls into a flat plane.

It's time to populate the cigarette with medicinal plants and relax. I took a cigarette and started pouring a medicinal plant into it, the plants smelled very nice, the pungent smell that remained in my nose for the whole evening. I am pleased with such a bonus. It is an evening on the street, a cigarette is ready, you can already smoke it, but there isn’t enough a cup of something warm, on this cool evening, I chose the goat milk I bought today


Add honey to taste in milk
And also not a big piece of butter
Then put the mug in the microwave and heat the milk so that the honey and butter melt.
If possible, you can add berries.




Friends, my evening began well, which I also wish you.


All health and profit.

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