Introducing #Legalizet - A digital Community of smokers

3 years ago

Hello smokers, today I present to #Legalizet, A new community of, share your post, interact with smokers and stay informed about the world of cryptocurrencies. If you are a lover of photography, grass and art, you are in the right place, promote your posts and take part in weekly competitions created by the #Legalizet community in SMOKE.IO. wins SMOKE and TITAM.

TITAM is a Token ERC20 from the #Legalizet community.



Our mission is to create an incredible and vibrant community formed by friendly people like you, we seek to stimulate the art of each one so that it serves as a means of learning for the artist and this is rewarded with cryptocurrencies. The blockchain has the power to break down barriers and cross borders, even to change the world block by block.

Channel in discord:

Server rules

The server is divided into different sections. The sections are visible in the left section of the server, which are:

#community: These are the channels where users spend most of their time, where everyone interacts, has fun, tells stories, helps each other.

#advertisementst: Important announcements about our community and our server are made on this channel.

#Rules: Rules channel, nobody can write, you can only read the rules of the server and our community.

#doubts: Here you can officially leave your doubts or suggestions for our community.

#post: A channel where you can share your publications in smoke to receive ascending vote from our curators.

#enter-myself: Within this category you can only publish user presentation posts for and #Legalizet.

Standards of behavior:

  • It is not allowed to promote your own projects or those of others.
  • It is not allowed to offend other users.
  • It is not allowed to put links to publications on channels that do not have that function.
  • It is not allowed to put profile links on channels that do not have that function.
  • It is not allowed to put links from other servers.
  • It is not allowed to publish and / or promote external links that are related to charity and emerging cryptocurrencies, to avoid problems of scams.

Community #Legalizet


You can use the #legalizet - #smoke420 tags to be voted by our healing team

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lol legalize et man


That is the goal friend, greetings! :D

Nice post friend


Thank you bro!

Big initiative friend live the 420, I like this. Regards!!


Thank you ;D

I like where this is going!

· goes towards a good times course, in my expectation I see it in the future as the best social network. Regards!!

Nice initiative will be checking and using your tag, and also help promote the community


Thanks for your support, we hope to see you with us. Regards! :)