Mexico and America Move Towards Legalization- 1/2 Billion People May Enjoy Legalized Recreational Cananbis

6 months ago

Mexico and America Move Towards Legalization- 1/2 Billion People May Enjoy Legalized Recreational Cananbis

As cannabis becomes legalized throughout North America, we may see The United States, Canada and Mexico legalize recreational cannabis usage.  This would mean that approximately 1/2 billion people would be able to use cannabis recreationally, and it would be regulated by the respective governments.

Canada legalized recreational cannabis in October of 2018.  This paved the way for large cannabis companies there including Canopy Growth Corporation and Aurora Cannabis to begin their supply chain and logistics business that can set the stage for the legalized cannabis industrial age.

Mexico is working on their legislative infrastructure after their 2018 decision that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional in Mexico, and members of the Senate are working overtime to setup their new cananbis laws.  They missed the deadline, but have been granted an extension.  A large part of their plan is equality of exposure to options that the cannabis industry will bring to the country.  Thousands of small businesses will thrive in Mexico because of legalization, while the black market is reduced.

The United States is following suit, and recently voted on a measure to remove cananbis from its current Category 1 Classification stipulated by the DEA.  State after state is taking the leap to legalize cannabis.  The 2020 election may prime the pump for the end of cannabis prohibition, which has been in place since 1937.   The MORE act has passed the House controlled by the liberal Democratic part, but needs to pass through the Republican Senate still.  This will be a challenge, but it is a good beginning.

As the cannabis industry supplies jobs to thousands, reduces crime and provides more tax revenue for infrasture, education and treatment.

It is not out of the question that in 2020, the World will see a half a billion people with access to legalized recreational cananbis.  The future looks bright for the industry, and for those who yearn for freedom to consume cannabis legally.


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This will raise demand for jobs related to cannibas one can only imagine what may be formed soon.