Cannabis Fear Mongering- From Halloween Gummies to Killer Vape Health Crisis

7 months ago

Cannabis Fear Mongering- From Halloween Gummies to Killer Vape Health Crisis

Cannabis is becomming legal throughout the land.  Fear-mongering has surrounded marijuana since its usage, and with its presence being felt and seen as it becomes legalized more and more, rumors and fears are perpetuated.  Legal cannabis is an unfamiliar sight, and individuals with prejudiced minds are spreading fear.  As dispensaries open their doors, we need to educate those who unintentionally fear-monger regarding cannabis.

Recreational cannabis is currently legal in 11-states, and 32-states permit legal medical cannabis.  Gummies are sold in dispensaries for $5-$30 each.  As with last year, there were no cases of children getting THC gummies.  In addition, THC gummies are labeled with state-required safety labels.

The medical vape health crisis is largely misunderstood, and a true cause has yet to be fully investigated.  Many young people are becomming sick with a pneumonia that mimics viral and bacterial cases, what is going on?  Due to the federal prohibition, the issue cannot be fully studied.  Claims of illness appear to be overhyped, and confounding factors may be due to high levels of vitamin D acetate, which is present in vaping cartridges.  Cannabis is likely not the culprit here, rather counterfeit vaping cartridges made to take advantage of the rising trend.  

The link between cannabis usage and mental illness is not established.  Movies like "Reefer Madness" and second-hand stories perpetuate this myth.  The extent to which cannabis factors into mental health illness depends on variants of genes including those which govern the the COMT and AKT1 enzymes.  Cannabis has been correlated to mental illness, but had not been shown to cause them.  Research continues, but those who have mental illness often abuse many substances, and seek relief from drugs including alcohol.

All the evidence points to cannabis as a drug that is relatively benign, and better for th body than alcohol, heroin or cocaine.  It is still on the DEA's list of Category 1 drugs, and this needs to change.  We need to educate folks and address each negative stigma to move the ball forward on legalization.

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This has been talked about before but I personally thing the tainted vapes that are making people sick that the government is behind it. They poisoned the alcohol during alcohol prohibition. Funny this just recently became an issue and you have to ask why? And my theory is we are gonna find out in the future that this was take 2.


Oh when I was in the hospital for them couple weeks, I wont lie I am scared... what if a cartridge is my problem... But I dont think so honestly. But I do have breathing issues.. Ive always bouht mine through a medical dispensary though...