I am a non-smoker and I support S.420

2 years ago

Senator Ron Wyden, an Oregon Decomcrats has introduced S.420, a bill to remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act and essentially regulate and tax cannabis as well as set the stage for permitting and licensing cannabis sales.  This is a major step towards legalization and normalization of cannabis use and commerce in the USA.  It is amazing this has been undertaken during the surprisingly permission Trump administration.

I am a non-user of cannabis.  I support S.420.  Why?  I drink alcohol and would be firmly against prohibition on it.  I am a supporter of individual rights and really do not see cannabis as harmful if used legally.

Let's empower entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.  Let's sanely tax cannabis and use the proceeds to help underserved groups.  Let's educate the masses on how they can become a cannabis businessman and let's head into this in 2019.

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