Wisconsin Soon To Legalize!

last year


Wisconsin... Not just for cheese anymore!

Newly elected Governor Evers of #Wisconsin in a statement to business leaders said he is in favor of the legalization of medical cannabis. He also led on that if the bill crossed his desk he WOULD sign into effect the #legalization of #recreational #cannabis! He announced that his budget proposal will include a 'First Step' into the legalization of medicinal cannabis.

We have truly reached a turning point into the way society looks at the cannabis plant. This past election cycle here in Wisconsin, a few local precincts voted on a advisory referendum for the legalization of medicinal cannabis, they all passed overwhelmingly.

Soon we will be able to grow here in the great Wisco, without the need for hiding! Waiting in much anticipation! Relay

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Those were midterm referendums already, right?


Advisory referendums to showcase the public’s opinion.


Yeah, thought I seemed to remember something. Good to see those who are elected follow on on the zeitgeist.

Hell yeah, another nail in prohibition's coffin!


What starts as a ripple, Ends as a tidal wave! This Blunts For US!

it's great news, it's only a matter of time for legalization to reach the whole country, many politicians will continue to use cannabis in their political campaign

I'd say this is awesome..for WiNscNOsin and globalization of legalization.

That would be really cool. If their weed become as good as their cheese that will be something. I can defenitely see some weed infused cheese :)


Endless possibilities!

Hell Yeah! The states are turning one by one. 2020 is full legalization across the world.